The Green Mile Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What types of jokes are made about the electric chair?

The inmates make jokes about the electric chair. They call it Old Sparky or the Big Juicy. They make cracks about the power bill and how Warden Moores will cook his Thanksgiving dinner that fall with his wife too sick to cook.

2. What does John Coffey look like?

John Coffey is a black man. He stands six feet, eight inches tall. He is broad in the shoulders and deep through the chest, laced over with muscle in every direction. His head is bald.

3. How does Percy Wetmore keep his job if he is so incompetent?

Percy is not good at his job. However, he is related to the governor by marriage, so no one can say anything about his work performance without having his own job threatened.

4. Why is Klaus Detterick considered well-to-do in the 1930s?

Klaus Detterick is considered well-to-do, because he pays his store bill in cash at the end of most months. He doesn’t have to avoid the bank president, and he has a large, clean farmhouse.

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