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Cold Mountain

This is a place where criminals are sent after being sentenced for crimes.

Old Sparky or Big Juicy

This is machine used to put condemned prisoners to death.

E Block

This is where condemned prisoners wait to be put to death.

C Block

This is where prisoners condemned to life in prison are housed.

Green Mile

This is a wide corridor of linoleum the color of tired old limes.

Storage Shed

This location is where executions take place.

Cigar Box

This is made into a bed for a pet mouse.

Georgia Pines

This is a nursing home where Paul lives his last days.


This is an object that, when wet, conducts electricity during the executions.

Farmall Truck

This is the vehicle used to transport Coffey to the Moores.


This is what keeps Wharton quiet when Coffey is taken to the Moores.


This is...

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