The Green Mile Fun Activities

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Create a diorama of E Block.

Map It

Create a map of the prison compound.

Wanted Poster

Create a wanted poster for one of the criminals in the book.

Death Row Research

Read a non-fiction book about death row. Discuss with a group how the experiences in the novel compare to real life.

Bad Things Come in Threes

With all the bad things going on in Part 2 of the novel, Paul commented, “bad things come in threes.” Discuss with a group whether you think that bad things come in threes or if that is simply a superstition.

Coffey's Powers

Discuss with a group if there is someone in your life that you wish could be healed by someone with powers like Coffey’s.


Find photos of prisons from the 1930s and today, create a poster that compares prisons then and now.

Brain Tumor Research

Research brain...

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