The Green Mile Character Descriptions

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Paul Edgecombe

This character is the E Block superintendent at the state penitentiary.

Brutus Howell

This character is second-in-command on the Green Mile.

John Coffey

This character is a huge black man on death row and is executed in 1932.

Percy Wetmore

This character is a guard on E Block who gets his job because he is related to the governor.

Eduard Delacroix

This character is from Louisiana, has a Cajun accent, and is on death row.

Mr. Jingles

This character is a pet mouse.

William Wharton

This character is 19 and is sentenced to die for killing three people in a holdup.

Hal Moores

This character is the warden at the penitentiary in 1932.


This character is a trustee who acts the part of the condemned during execution rehearsals and who sells snacks to the prisoners and the guards.

Brad Dolan

This character is a nursing home employee who...

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