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Part 1

• It is 1932, and Paul Edgecombe is the E Block superintendent at the Cold Mountain State Penitentiary.

• This is the block where condemned prisoners wait to be electrocuted.

• Although the inmates are afraid of the electric chair, they make jokes about it and give it nicknames.

• The linoleum that covers the wide corridor up the center of E Block is the color of tired old limes, so the corridor is nicknamed the Green Mile.

• E Block is set up with six cells—three on one side and three on the other.

• The fall of 1932 is very hot, and Paul has the worst urinary infection of his life.

• There are four or five guards on the block, but many of them are floaters.

• Harry Terwilliger, Dean Stanton, Brutus Howell, and Percy Wetmore are the main guards.

• No one likes Percy; he was hired because he is related by marriage...

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