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Short Answer Questions

1. Herodotus was the first Greek _______________________________.

2. What was the major issue in the war with the Persians?

3. The works of Aristophanes were _______________________.

4. At the time of Sophocles ________________________.

5. To Pindar, the Greek aristocracy represented ___________________________.

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the Western view of art?

2. Who basically engaged in intellectual discussions?

3. Who is Herodotus?

4. How does Greek writing compare to English writing?

5. Who were the imponderables?

6. Why is the poetry of Pindar described as musical?

7. What are the major differences between Gilbert and Aristophanes?

8. What is the reason for the Egyptian preoccupation with death and where one would go after life?

9. What did the literature of ancient Greece indicate about the relationships between the individual and the state?

10. Who was Aristophanes?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Explain how drama at the Theater of Dionysus was a form of religious worship. Why didn't the people have their religious needs satisfied by their gods and goddesses? What did they find in the theater that they didn't find in the temples?

Essay Topic 2

The ancient Romans are said to have come closest to the accomplishments of the Greeks. Explain why? How did the ancient Roman society differ from that of the Greeks? What contribution did the ancient Romans make to civilization?

Essay Topic 3

Athens is called the cradle of Western Civilization. What does this mean and why do people say this? What is the significance of ancient Athens to Western civilization and why?

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