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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. One way to learn the values of a society is to look at ______________________.
(a) history
(b) its literature
(c) science
(d) daily life

2. Who, among the following, was a teacher?
(a) Sophocles
(b) Plato
(c) Aristophanes
(d) Aeschylus

3. In the ancient world, before the rise of Athens and the Greeks, the greatest civilization was ________________.
(a) Sparta
(b) Crete
(c) Rome
(d) Egypt

4. One of the differences in the society of the Greeks was the __________________.
(a) emphasis on fear
(b) emphasis on ignorance
(c) role of reason
(d) lack of caring

5. The war with the Persians ended with the battle at ___________________.
(a) Thermopylae
(b) Salamis
(c) Sparta
(d) Athens

Short Answer Questions

1. Which Pharaoh opposed the priests?

2. Which of the following is not a name associated with the Athens civilization of this time?

3. Who does Hamilton compare the work of Aristophanes to?

4. Why is Pindar considered to be important?

5. The Greek artist was __________________________.

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Greek drama compare to Shakespearean drama?

2. Why does Hamilton feel that Greek writers have not been copied by writers of other countries as Greek sculptor and architecture has?

3. Who was Aristophanes?

4. Why is the poetry of Pindar described as musical?

5. What were the characteristics of the austere school of writing?

6. Who basically engaged in intellectual discussions?

7. What were the characteristics of the ancient world in which Athens existed?

8. What is the main characteristic of Greek architecture of the time?

9. What did Aristophanes and Gilbert have in common?

10. Why is Pindar considered to be important?

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