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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As a young man, Xenophon was ________________________.
(a) sent to work in Athens
(b) sent to study with Socrates
(c) sent to Athens to find a wife
(d) exiled from Sparta

2. Which of the following terms applies to the religion of the ancient Greeks?
(a) dogma
(b) holy book
(c) Zeus
(d) theology

3. Thucydides felt that ___________________________________.
(a) the desire for power was not a cause of war
(b) power and wealth created the desire for more power and wealth
(c) wars were covered by broken treaties
(d) the desire for wealth was not a cause of war

4. Which of the following is not a name associated with Greek tragedy?
(a) Sophocles
(b) Shakespeare
(c) Aeschylus
(d) Euripides

5. What happened to the captured survivors of battles?
(a) they were executed
(b) they were exchanged for enemy prisoners
(c) they were released after the war's end
(d) they became slaves

6. Thucydides wanted his work to be ________________________.
(a) factual without any use to others
(b) useful to others
(c) ornately written
(d) interesting to read

7. Tragedy, in Hamilton's view, ________________________________.
(a) is a mixture of comedy and sadness
(b) makes people sad
(c) is a mixture of pain and pleasure
(d) makes people cry

8. Which of the following terms would not represent the views of Sophocles?
(a) hedonism
(b) order
(c) sobriety
(d) fair hamony

9. Tragedy in drama began with whom?
(a) British
(b) Egyptians
(c) Greeks
(d) Romans

10. To the Greek thinkers, religion was ______________________.
(a) accepted by all as a necessary evil
(b) engorced by priests
(c) tyrannical
(d) a search for the truth

11. Xenophon felt that it was significant ________________________________.
(a) that there should be leisure time
(b) that men should participate in the games
(c) that men should work
(d) to see what honorable men did for amusement

12. Aeschylus believed in the _____________________.
(a) cruelty of man
(b) wrath of God
(c) justice of God
(d) abuse of power

13. Compared to the other tragedians, Euripides is described as the _________________.
(a) saddest
(b) most tragic
(c) happiest
(d) most fatal

14. During the war, Thucydides was _______________________.
(a) an Athenian general
(b) a Spartan general
(c) a diplomat
(d) a businessman

15. What characterizes the tragedies of Aeschylus?
(a) anger
(b) bitterness
(c) hatred
(d) passive acceptance

Short Answer Questions

1. In Greek drama, the characters are viewed as ______________________.

2. According to Hamilton, tragedy involves _________________________.

3. Aeschylus was ______________________.

4. Xenophon because wealthy by __________________________.

5. Thucydides felt that the lesson of the Peloponnesian War was that _____________________________________.

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