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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Schopenhauer, what world applies to the tragedies of Sophocles?
(a) struggle
(b) fighting
(c) disaster
(d) acceptance

2. The Greek gods and goddesses began with the writing of _____________________________.
(a) Plato
(b) Pericles
(c) Socrates
(d) Homer

3. Which of the following is not a play of Euripides'?
(a) Antigone
(b) Electra
(c) Media
(d) Trojan Women

4. Which is one of the two periods of tragedy in literary history?
(a) the Constantinople of the Ottomans
(b) the Rome of Julius Caesar
(c) the Athens of Pericles
(d) the England of Henry V

5. Which word does not have a bad connotation to the Greeks?
(a) indefinite
(b) boundless
(c) unlimited
(d) limits

6. Aeschylus believed in the _____________________.
(a) cruelty of man
(b) abuse of power
(c) wrath of God
(d) justice of God

7. The only sources of knowledge in Greece were the _______________.
(a) libraries
(b) schools
(c) oracles
(d) temples

8. According to Hamilton, tragedy is the domain of whom?
(a) comedy writers
(b) poets
(c) any kind of writer
(d) prose writers

9. Thucydides felt that the lesson of the Peloponnesian War was that _____________________________________.
(a) the power of the Spartans had to be stopped
(b) wealth attracted the poorer to attack
(c) power brought about its own destruction
(d) the power of the Athenians had to be stopped

10. The tragedies of Aeschylus present death and suffering in a way that __________________________.
(a) depresses the audience
(b) makes it comical
(c) does not depress the audience
(d) brings the audience to tears

11. After traveling, Xenophon went to live in _____________.
(a) Marathon
(b) Sparta
(c) Athens
(d) Salamis

12. The Greeks were concerned with _______________________.
(a) both mind and spirit
(b) spirit only
(c) mind only
(d) physical prowess

13. Euripides' view of religion is that _____________________.
(a) religion and gods are ignoreed
(b) the gods had to be obeyed
(c) the gods were inferior to humans
(d) the gods were superior to humans

14. Until the time of Aeschylus, poetry was concerned with _____________________________.
(a) the reality of life
(b) pain and suffering
(c) the misery of the world
(d) the beauty of the world

15. Which of the following is not one of the four elements common to every tragedy?
(a) awe
(b) hilarity
(c) pity
(d) reconciliation

Short Answer Questions

1. To the Greek thinkers, religion was ______________________.

2. Sophocles' characters ________________________________.

3. Xenophon's book is about _______________________________.

4. What is not a similarity between Macbeth and Aeschylus?

5. In both literary periods of tragedy, what was not true?

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