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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Hamilton, tragedy is the domain of whom?
(a) any kind of writer
(b) poets
(c) comedy writers
(d) prose writers

2. Xenophon felt that ___________________________________.
(a) diplomacy should be used to avert war
(b) disputes should be settled by war
(c) all states should seek power
(d) states should be orientated toward war

3. Tragedy, in Hamilton's view, ________________________________.
(a) is a mixture of comedy and sadness
(b) is a mixture of pain and pleasure
(c) makes people sad
(d) makes people cry

4. Aeschylus was ______________________.
(a) a writer of mystery
(b) a writer of prose
(c) the first writer of tragedy
(d) the last writer of tragedy

5. Which of the following terms would not represent the views of Sophocles?
(a) order
(b) fair hamony
(c) sobriety
(d) hedonism

6. Thucydides wanted his work to be ________________________.
(a) useful to others
(b) interesting to read
(c) ornately written
(d) factual without any use to others

7. During the war, Thucydides was _______________________.
(a) a businessman
(b) an Athenian general
(c) a diplomat
(d) a Spartan general

8. Which of the following is not one of the four elements common to every tragedy?
(a) reconciliation
(b) hilarity
(c) pity
(d) awe

9. Aeschylus had been ________________________-.
(a) a Marathon warrior
(b) a teacher at the Academy
(c) a military general
(d) a temple priest

10. In both literary periods of tragedy, what was not true?
(a) thrilling things were happening
(b) times were prosperous
(c) they were times of darkness and defeat
(d) they were periods of great military victories

11. Which of the following is not a play of Sophocles?
(a) Electra
(b) Oedipus Rex
(c) Oesipus at Colonus
(d) Libation-Bearers

12. According to Hamilton, tragedy involves _________________________.
(a) the suffering of the soul
(b) torture
(c) death
(d) physical pain

13. Xenophon because wealthy by __________________________.
(a) ransoming a rich Persian noble
(b) working
(c) by being a successful businessman
(d) from his father's estate

14. What is the view of man?
(a) man can sometimes change his fate
(b) man is helpless with his fate predetermined
(c) there is no such thing as fate
(d) man is not helpless and controls his fate

15. Aeschylus felt that the cause of misery was _____________.
(a) sin
(b) wealth
(c) prosperity
(d) power

Short Answer Questions

1. What is not a similarity between Macbeth and Aeschylus?

2. The Greeks viewed things ___________________.

3. Who wrote the first Greek tragedy?

4. In designing a Greek building, the Greek architect takes into consideration ___________________.

5. Until the time of Aeschylus, poetry was concerned with _____________________________.

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