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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The war with the Persians ended with the battle at ___________________.
(a) Sparta
(b) Thermopylae
(c) Athens
(d) Salamis

2. How did the Greeks feel about slavery?
(a) It was an accepted way of life
(b) It was evil
(c) There were no slaves
(d) They opposed slavery

3. Pindar's poems praised _________________________.
(a) the athletes of the games
(b) the kind
(c) the common man
(d) the intellectuals

4. Which of the following terms does not describe Greek writing?
(a) simpleness
(b) exaggeration
(c) fact
(d) reality

5. Herodotus is known as ______________.
(a) the father of travel
(b) the father of history
(c) the father of tragedy
(d) the father of comedy

6. One way to learn the values of a society is to look at ______________________.
(a) science
(b) daily life
(c) history
(d) its literature

7. What did the world of the dead represent to the ancient Egyptians?
(a) existence with God
(b) the continuation of misery
(c) security, peace and pleasure
(d) the movement to a higher level

8. One of the differences in the society of the Greeks was the __________________.
(a) emphasis on ignorance
(b) role of reason
(c) emphasis on fear
(d) lack of caring

9. Herodotus is classified as a writer of ____________________.
(a) tragedy
(b) comedy
(c) religion
(d) history of the fight with Persia

10. Greek writing can easily ________________________________________.
(a) be accomodated to the English style
(b) be interpreted
(c) be translated into English
(d) have the style and meaning lost in the translation

11. Compared to Aristophanes _____________________.
(a) both are just as risque
(b) Gilbert is bawdier
(c) neither is risque
(d) Gilbert is more restrained

12. The term used to describe the Greek artist is ______________________.
(a) spiritual materialists
(b) abstractionist
(c) symbolist
(d) realist

13. The Greek artist was __________________________.
(a) unlimited
(b) not creative
(c) limited by his mind and what he saw
(d) dictated to by the priests

14. Which city did Pindar live in?
(a) Thebes
(b) Athens
(c) Crete
(d) Sparta

15. The first games, contests and competitions were held in _____________.
(a) Egypt
(b) Constantinople
(c) Rome
(d) Greece

Short Answer Questions

1. Reality to the ancient Egyptian, was directed toward _____________________.

2. The games and competitions were considered so important by the Greeks that __________________________________.

3. The Buddhist artist ________________________.

4. Aristophanes is described as _____________________.

5. Before the development of Athens, which group handled intellectual activities?

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