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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17, The Way of the Modern World.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which era or culture has achieved the freedom of thought and the balance of the Greeks?
(a) none
(b) the British
(c) the Germans
(d) the Italians

2. The subject of Greek tragedy came from _________________________.
(a) everyday life
(b) history
(c) the writer's personal life
(d) myths

3. What is the reason for the Egyptian preoccupation with death?
(a) the fairness of the ruler
(b) belief in God
(c) the misery of everyday life
(d) good living conditions

4. In Greece, the role of the priests _____________________________.
(a) was to teach the population
(b) was to function as advisors
(c) was limited to matters of religion only
(d) covered all intellectual activitries

5. What did Sophocles feel about inner versus outer control?
(a) man has no cont rol over either
(b) outer change does not affect inner control
(c) outer change brings about inner chance
(d) man can control outer change

Short Answer Questions

1. Which tragedian is considered to be the most modern?

2. The Ancient Greeks of the time exhibited a ________________________.

3. Hamilton feels there is a great deal of similarity between Aristophanes and the comedy of ______________________.

4. The Greeks classified Pindar in the ________________________.

5. At the time of Sophocles ________________________.

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