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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17, The Way of the Modern World.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The literature indicates that life differed in Athens, as compared to Egypt, by which century?
(a) third
(b) fourth
(c) fifth
(d) second

2. A Greek writer was concerned with ______________________.
(a) abstract concepts
(b) the beauty of common things
(c) ornate style
(d) symbolism

3. Compared to Greek writing, English poetry is ____________________.
(a) easier to interpret
(b) very ornate
(c) much simpler
(d) about the same

4. Hamilton compares Sophocles to ________________.
(a) Pericles
(b) John Milton
(c) Browning
(d) Shakespeare

5. As a result of the Peloponnesian War, _______________________________________.
(a) Sparta merged wih Athens
(b) the Athenian culture spread
(c) the Athenian culture and its contirubtions to the world ended
(d) Sparta adopted the Athenian culture

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following does not describe Pindar's writing?

2. Opposition to slavery was open and evident in the time of ______________.

3. Which is one of the two periods of tragedy in literary history?

4. Xenophon felt that it was significant ________________________________.

5. The Persian plan to defeat the Ten Thousand was to _________________________________.

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