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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12, Aeschylus: The First Dramatist.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. One way to learn the values of a society is to look at ______________________.
(a) its literature
(b) science
(c) daily life
(d) history

2. As a young man, Xenophon was ________________________.
(a) sent to work in Athens
(b) sent to Athens to find a wife
(c) exiled from Sparta
(d) sent to study with Socrates

3. The distinction between mind and spirit is important in the area of ___________.
(a) government
(b) law
(c) philosophy
(d) art

4. The term used to describe the Greek artist is ______________________.
(a) symbolist
(b) spiritual materialists
(c) abstractionist
(d) realist

5. The style of Greek writing is _____________________________________.
(a) the same as English writing
(b) more ornate than English writing
(c) very different from the styles of English writing
(d) incapable of being translated into English

Short Answer Questions

1. Aeschylus had been ________________________-.

2. Before Aeschylus, Greek drama consisted of ____________________________.

3. The Persian plan to defeat the Ten Thousand was to _________________________________.

4. The first games, contests and competitions were held in _____________.

5. Herodotus' History is concerned with ___________________________.

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