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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12, Aeschylus: The First Dramatist.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Greek tragedy is characterized by ____________________________________.
(a) emotional upheaval
(b) a great deal of violence
(c) a great struggle
(d) calmness, serenity and absence of struggle

2. Herodotus' History is concerned with ___________________________.
(a) the history of the godw
(b) life in Athens
(c) his travels and the Persian War
(d) the war with Sparta

3. Thucydides feels that the Athenians lost the war because they were ________________.
(a) misled
(b) inadequately armed
(c) poor fighters
(d) misinformed

4. Which Pharaoh opposed the priests?
(a) Cleopatra
(b) Julius Caesar
(c) Akhenaton
(d) Ra

5. Compared to Greek writing, English poetry is ____________________.
(a) easier to interpret
(b) much simpler
(c) very ornate
(d) about the same

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Pindar considered to be important?

2. The Greeks _________________________.

3. Which of the following is not a name associated with Greek tragedy?

4. Thucydides wrote a history of the war between ______________________.

5. Herodotus is classified as a writer of ____________________.

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