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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8, Herodotus: The First Sight-Seer.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Greeks _________________________.
(a) applied no limits to thoughts
(b) practiced mind control
(c) limited intellectual thought to priests
(d) limited thought to certain fields

2. The spiritual side of the ancient Greeks is _______________________________.
(a) represented by the gods and goddesses they believed in
(b) montheistic
(c) not important in the life of the ancient Greeks
(d) nonexistant

3. Before the development of Athens, which group handled intellectual activities?
(a) royalty
(b) the common man
(c) the priests
(d) anyone who wanted to

4. The Greek acceptance of reality, as given in an oration by Pericles, makes them ___________________________.
(a) exaggerated
(b) seem cold and unemotional
(c) warm
(d) interested in humanity

5. The Greeks had different rules of standards that applied to different people. This is evidence of their ________________.
(a) laws
(b) rules
(c) hypocrisy
(d) values

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following names is not considered to be one of the imponderables?

2. What is one of the presumptions of Aristophanes' plays?

3. Who was charged with leadership in the Greek society of Pindar's time?

4. What was characteristic of Greek art?

5. One way to learn the values of a society is to look at ______________________.

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