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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8, Herodotus: The First Sight-Seer.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Greeks classified Pindar in the ________________________.
(a) ornate school of writing
(b) austere school of writing
(c) simple school of writing
(d) aristocratic school of writing

2. What word best describes the ancient Athenians?
(a) contol by priests
(b) superstitious
(c) fearful
(d) freedom

3. In Greece, the role of the priests _____________________________.
(a) was to function as advisors
(b) was to teach the population
(c) was limited to matters of religion only
(d) covered all intellectual activitries

4. One of the differences in the society of the Greeks was the __________________.
(a) emphasis on ignorance
(b) lack of caring
(c) role of reason
(d) emphasis on fear

5. Who was the only Athenian to suffer death for his opinions?
(a) Plato
(b) Aristophanes
(c) Socrates
(d) Aristotle

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Pericles, _________________________.

2. Plato viewed the Greek people as ___________________.

3. Poetic license ________________________________________.

4. The Greek acceptance of reality, as given in an oration by Pericles, makes them ___________________________.

5. Intellectual discussions took place _________________.

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