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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8, Herodotus: The First Sight-Seer.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Compared to Greek writing, English poetry is ____________________.
(a) much simpler
(b) very ornate
(c) about the same
(d) easier to interpret

2. The literature indicates that life differed in Athens, as compared to Egypt, by which century?
(a) third
(b) fifth
(c) fourth
(d) second

3. What is the reason for the Egyptian preoccupation with death?
(a) the misery of everyday life
(b) the fairness of the ruler
(c) belief in God
(d) good living conditions

4. By the time Aristophanes began writing, Greek drama was ________________________.
(a) nonesixtent
(b) past its summit
(c) gaining in popularity
(d) at its summit

5. The first scientists were the _________________.
(a) Romans
(b) Greeks
(c) Egyptians
(d) Mesopotmanians

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was charged with leadership in the Greek society of Pindar's time?

2. The Greek acceptance of reality, as given in an oration by Pericles, makes them ___________________________.

3. The games and competitions were considered so important by the Greeks that __________________________________.

4. Which city did Pindar live in?

5. Which of the following is not a name associated with the Athens civilization of this time?

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