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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3, The Way of the East and the Way of the West in Art.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Greek art is based on _________________________.
(a) abstractions of reality
(b) symboliswm
(c) the orders of the priests
(d) the reality of what the artist sees

2. In the ancient world, before the rise of Athens and the Greeks, the greatest civilization was ________________.
(a) Sparta
(b) Rome
(c) Egypt
(d) Crete

3. Which of the following is not a name associated with the Athens civilization of this time?
(a) Plato
(b) Thucydides
(c) Jupiter
(d) Homer

4. The Egyptians believed that when a man died _____________________________________.
(a) it didn't matter what he was surrounded with
(b) they would destroy the body
(c) the body must return to dust
(d) he should have with him the same kind of things that he had in life

5. What did the world of the dead represent to the ancient Egyptians?
(a) the movement to a higher level
(b) security, peace and pleasure
(c) the continuation of misery
(d) existence with God

Short Answer Questions

1. In Greece, the role of the priests _____________________________.

2. The Buddhist artist ________________________.

3. What word best describes the ancient Athenians?

4. The distinction between mind and spirit is important in the area of ___________.

5. The first scientists were the _________________.

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