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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3, The Way of the East and the Way of the West in Art.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Buddhist artist ________________________.
(a) copies, doesn't create
(b) the Buddhists have no interest in art
(c) creates from within
(d) creates what he is told to create

2. What is the reason for the Egyptian preoccupation with death?
(a) good living conditions
(b) belief in God
(c) the misery of everyday life
(d) the fairness of the ruler

3. The priests of ancient Egypt _____________________________.
(a) guarded their position of power as intellectuals
(b) yielded to the power of the king
(c) were powerless
(d) taught the common man

4. The Ancient Greeks of the time exhibited a ________________________.
(a) the same interests as other civilizations
(b) new power of the mind
(c) lack of interest in cultural and intellectual pursuits
(d) a desire for imperialism

5. What had the most freedom as an artist?
(a) the Egyptian
(b) the Buddhist
(c) the Greek
(d) the Hindu

Short Answer Questions

1. The Greek architecture of the time was _________________________________.

2. The first games, contests and competitions were held in _____________.

3. The Greeks _________________________.

4. Greek art is based on _________________________.

5. The Hindu artist ________________________.

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