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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15, The Religion of the Greeks.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is not a name associated with Greek tragedy?
(a) Aeschylus
(b) Euripides
(c) Shakespeare
(d) Sophocles

2. The Ancient Greeks of the time exhibited a ________________________.
(a) the same interests as other civilizations
(b) lack of interest in cultural and intellectual pursuits
(c) new power of the mind
(d) a desire for imperialism

3. Greek writing can be characterized as ______________________.
(a) flowery
(b) full of symbolism
(c) plain and matter of fact
(d) complicated

4. What is not a similarity between Macbeth and Aeschylus?
(a) the castles were bright and cheerful places
(b) there was an atmosphere of evil and doom
(c) there was an atmosphere of death
(d) it was always night at the castle

5. The Athenians and Spartans fought because _________________________.
(a) both were weak
(b) Sparta was weaker than Athens
(c) both were powerful
(d) Athens was weaker than Sparta

Short Answer Questions

1. The Greek artist was __________________________.

2. The Greek acceptance of reality, as given in an oration by Pericles, makes them ___________________________.

3. Those who are primarily concerned with the spiritual become ___________.

4. The term used to describe the Greek artist is ______________________.

5. What terms would not apply to Xenophon?

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