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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5, Pindar: The Last Greek Aristocrat.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The freedom of Athenian thought and expression led to ____________________.
(a) fear
(b) the basis for science
(c) panic
(d) confusion

2. Greek art is based on _________________________.
(a) abstractions of reality
(b) the orders of the priests
(c) the reality of what the artist sees
(d) symboliswm

3. Who was the only Athenian to suffer death for his opinions?
(a) Aristophanes
(b) Aristotle
(c) Socrates
(d) Plato

4. The Greek artist was __________________________.
(a) unlimited
(b) limited by his mind and what he saw
(c) dictated to by the priests
(d) not creative

5. The Greeks _________________________.
(a) limited intellectual thought to priests
(b) practiced mind control
(c) applied no limits to thoughts
(d) limited thought to certain fields

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Pindar considered to be important?

2. Which of the following would you expect to give the shortest account of a situation?

3. A Greek writer was concerned with ______________________.

4. Of all the Greek poets, Pindar is described as the _____________________________.

5. Compared to Greek writing, English poetry is ____________________.

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