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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10, Xenophon: The Ordinary Athenian Gentleman.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Herodotus reported _____________________________.
(a) only the facts he velieved
(b) the facts whether he believed them or not
(c) only what he found and substantiated
(d) anything he heard

2. After traveling, Xenophon went to live in _____________.
(a) Athens
(b) Sparta
(c) Marathon
(d) Salamis

3. Plato viewed the Greek people as ___________________.
(a) intellectual with vitality
(b) dull
(c) apathetic
(d) stupid

4. Which of the following would you expect to give the shortest account of a situation?
(a) the Hebrews
(b) the Greeks
(c) the Bible
(d) Shakespeare

5. A Greek writer was concerned with ______________________.
(a) abstract concepts
(b) the beauty of common things
(c) ornate style
(d) symbolism

Short Answer Questions

1. Marathon was the site of ____________________________.

2. The first scientists were the _________________.

3. The freedom of Athenian thought and expression led to ____________________.

4. Through Xenophon, one can view the life of the _______________________.

5. Intellectual discussions took place _________________.

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