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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10, Xenophon: The Ordinary Athenian Gentleman.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Pericles, _________________________.
(a) writing should be ornate
(b) words are to be used sparingly
(c) repetition is good
(d) the longer a passage is, the better it is

2. Xenophon is famous for his book called __________________________________.
(a) Anbasis
(b) The History of the Peloponnesian War
(c) A History of War
(d) The Treatise on War

3. What was the major issue in the war with the Persians?
(a) ownership of slaves
(b) national boundaries
(c) freedom and liberty
(d) land

4. The dialogues of Plato indicate that Athenians _________________________-.
(a) were not interested in intellectual thinking
(b) wanted to do their own thinking
(c) delegated intellectual things to the teachers
(d) were not intereted in intellectual discussions

5. As a young man, Xenophon was ________________________.
(a) sent to Athens to find a wife
(b) exiled from Sparta
(c) sent to study with Socrates
(d) sent to work in Athens

Short Answer Questions

1. The first scientists were the _________________.

2. Which of the following terms does not describe Greek writing?

3. The first games, contests and competitions were held in _____________.

4. Xenophon felt that it was significant ________________________________.

5. Xenophon felt that ___________________________________.

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