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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10, Xenophon: The Ordinary Athenian Gentleman.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Greek acceptance of reality, as given in an oration by Pericles, makes them ___________________________.
(a) interested in humanity
(b) exaggerated
(c) seem cold and unemotional
(d) warm

2. Herodotus is classified as a writer of ____________________.
(a) tragedy
(b) religion
(c) comedy
(d) history of the fight with Persia

3. Xenophon's book is about _______________________________.
(a) Greek society
(b) discipline in the military
(c) how the retreat of the Ten Thousand was successful
(d) the defeat of the Persians

4. According to Pericles, _________________________.
(a) words are to be used sparingly
(b) the longer a passage is, the better it is
(c) repetition is good
(d) writing should be ornate

5. The literature indicates that life differed in Athens, as compared to Egypt, by which century?
(a) fourth
(b) second
(c) fifth
(d) third

Short Answer Questions

1. Who was the only Athenian to suffer death for his opinions?

2. The world's first academy was in _____________________.

3. What word best describes the ancient Athenians?

4. The first games, contests and competitions were held in _____________.

5. Xenophon felt that it was significant ________________________________.

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