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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13, Sophocles: Quintessence of the Greek.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Athenians and Spartans fought because _________________________.
(a) Athens was weaker than Sparta
(b) Sparta was weaker than Athens
(c) both were powerful
(d) both were weak

2. The Greek aristocracy_______________________.
(a) had its own standard to live by
(b) lived by the same standards as others
(c) were liars and cheaters
(d) were not honorable men

3. Thucydides wrote a history of the war between ______________________.
(a) Athens and Rome
(b) Thebes and Peloponnesia
(c) Athens and Sparta
(d) Sparta and Thebes

4. Pindar's poems praised _________________________.
(a) the intellectuals
(b) the athletes of the games
(c) the common man
(d) the kind

5. Thucydides wanted his work to be ________________________.
(a) ornately written
(b) factual without any use to others
(c) interesting to read
(d) useful to others

Short Answer Questions

1. During the war, Thucydides was _______________________.

2. Thucydides felt that the lesson of the Peloponnesian War was that _____________________________________.

3. Hamilton compares Sophocles to ________________.

4. Who laid the foundation for the Greek democracy?

5. What was important to Greek poets?

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