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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13, Sophocles: Quintessence of the Greek.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Of all the Greek poets, Pindar is described as the _____________________________.
(a) easiest to read and translate
(b) easiest to read but hardest to translate
(c) average
(d) most difficult to read and translate

2. To Pindar, the Greek aristocracy represented ___________________________.
(a) physical slovenliness
(b) moral corruption
(c) physical and spiritual perfection
(d) a lack of the spiritual

3. What did Sophocles feel about inner versus outer control?
(a) outer change does not affect inner control
(b) man can control outer change
(c) outer change brings about inner chance
(d) man has no cont rol over either

4. Sophocles felt that honor of men was expressed by their ______________.
(a) deeds
(b) way of life
(c) words
(d) speech

5. The poetry of Pindar is described as _________________.
(a) full of symbolism
(b) full of imagery
(c) sing-songy
(d) musical

Short Answer Questions

1. Thucydides felt that ___________________________________.

2. Athens, which was a society based on freedom and liberty, was, by the time of Thucydides, known as the ________________.

3. Thucydides felt that the lesson of the Peloponnesian War was that _____________________________________.

4. Thucydides feels that the Athenians lost the war because they were ________________.

5. Thucydides wrote _________________________.

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