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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 13, Sophocles: Quintessence of the Greek.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many decades separated Sophocles from Aeschylus?
(a) one
(b) two
(c) five
(d) three`

2. Which of the following terms would not represent the views of Sophocles?
(a) order
(b) sobriety
(c) fair hamony
(d) hedonism

3. What happened to the captured survivors of battles?
(a) they were executed
(b) they were released after the war's end
(c) they were exchanged for enemy prisoners
(d) they became slaves

4. Which city did Pindar live in?
(a) Crete
(b) Athens
(c) Sparta
(d) Thebes

5. To Pindar, the Greek aristocracy represented ___________________________.
(a) physical slovenliness
(b) a lack of the spiritual
(c) moral corruption
(d) physical and spiritual perfection

Short Answer Questions

1. Thucydides wrote a history of the war between ______________________.

2. Sophocles differs from Aeschylus in that Sophocles ______________________________.

3. Hamilton compares Sophocles to ________________.

4. Thucydides felt that the lesson of the Peloponnesian War was that _____________________________________.

5. Sophocles felt that honor of men was expressed by their ______________.

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