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Was one of several Greek colonies that grew into city-states after the Dorian invasions of about 750 B.C. and is generally considered one of the two greatest of the city-states.


Was the second leading city-state in ancient Greece and was profoundly militarily focused.


It was the only way an army could move between Northern to Southern Greece during the classical period.


The battle held in 490 B.C., which was one of the most decisive battles in the world's military history.


Located in Athens, it is probably the most famous of the ancient Greek theaters.

Peloponnesian War

Took place between Sparta and Athens during the fifth Century B.C., also sometimes called the Age of Pericles.


The southern peninsula of Greece.


These were religious celebrations honoring certain gods or goddesses.

Greek Sculpture

An art form that broke with the traditional artistic expressions...

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