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Plato - A fifth century B.C. Greek philosopher in Athens, who was the student of Socrates, and who attempted to preserve his teaching.

Socrates - A philosopher who was clearly devoted to the examination of the universe and the proper approach to living one's life in the world.

Pindar - He is characterized as the last defender of the old Athenian aristocracy and the beliefs that supported its continuation.

Aristophanes - A fifth century comic playwright in Athens and the representative of "Old Comedy" in Greece.

Herodotus - Is known as the first historian.

Thucydides - The historian of the Peloponnesian War and of the period of Athenian supremacy following the war.

Xenophon - A fifth century Athenian writer characterized as an ordinary Athenian gentleman.

Aeschylus - A fifth century Athenian playwright who is considered the father of tragic drama.

Sophocles - The second of the...

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