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Jeannette Walls
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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Brian doing as he enters adolescence?

2. Why does Jeannette confront her mother and say she is acting like a child?

3. What is the children's sleeping arrangement in their new home in Part 3?

4. Why do the other children look down on the Walls children?

5. Why does Rex leave home and disappear for several days following the death of his mother?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The Walls children have a hard time adjusting to life as adults. How does each of them carry the scars of their neglectful childhood?

1) Compare Brian, Maureen, Jeannette, and Lori as adults. How are their lives alike, and how do they differ?

2) What difficulties has each of them faced as adults, and how successful have they been in overcoming or learning from these difficulties?

3) What good traits, or qualities has each of these children developed as a result of their "unique" childhood?

Essay Topic 2

Rose Mary's philosophy is that art and freedom are more important than material things. However, she takes this philosophy too far in failing to provide for her children's basic needs. Describe Rose Mary's philosophy of life and parenting. Consider:

1) What is it that makes it so difficult for her to take responsibility?

2) How is she able to justify allowing her children to live in impoverished conditions because of her choices?

3) Recount a few of her actions that demonstrate her philosophy in action.

Essay Topic 3

Rose Mary describes herself as an "excitement addict" at one point in the book. How does Rose Mary view herself?


1) What does she mean when she says that she is an excitement addict? Give examples of her behavior that support this view of herself.

2) How does she justify her behavior when it threatens her children's well-being?

3) What is her philosophy of life and how does it influence her parenting style?

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