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Jeannette Walls
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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Jeannette describe her and Lori's first apartment together in New York?

2. What incident helps cement Jeannette's conviction to leave Welch and her family?

3. What is Brian doing as he enters adolescence?

4. Where are Jeannette's parents living when they move to New York?

5. What does Jeannette try to talk her mother into doing to make hers and the children's lives better?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Rose Mary decide to hang on to the diamond ring that the children find in the woods rather than selling it for much needed money? What does this say about her priorities?

2. Why does Rose Mary quit her job, and what is Jeannette's reaction?

3. What are some of the reasons that the children do not like going to school in Welch?

4. How do the Walls parents fail to protect their children from Erma?

5. After the incident between the children and Erma, what does Jeannette begin to wonder about her father?

6. What incident leads Jeannette to finally making a friend in West Virginia?

7. How does the condition of the Walls family home worsen during the spring in Welch?

8. Rex is largely absent from the family after they move to Welch. What has he been doing during this time?

9. Why does the owner of the paper that Jeannette works for talk her out of taking a job at his newspaper?

10. How does Rose Mary view her and Rex's living situation in New York? How do the other members of the family see things differently?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast Grandma Smith and Erma.

1) What, if any, traits or beliefs do the two women share?

2) How are there personalities different and how does this affect Jeannette's relationship with each of them?

3) How do the personalities of each of these grandmothers reflect on the behavior and personalities of their children (Rex and Rose Mary)?

Essay Topic 2

Rex's alcoholism is a major theme in the memoir. Although he occasionally is able to stop drinking for a short time, inevitably he returns to it. What personality traits and aspects of his background seem to contribute to his tendency toward alcoholism?

Essay Topic 3

One of the most prominent themes of this book is that of forgiveness. Despite living in such difficult circumstances, and despite being the innocent victims of their parents' selfishness and poor decisions, the Walls children continue to welcome their parents into their lives, particularly as adults. Discuss the theme of forgiveness in "The Glass Castle". Cite examples from the book of how the author is able to forgive others, and herself as well. Consider:

1) How does Jeannette show that she forgives her parents, both as a child and an adult?

2) What is it about Jeannette's personality that allows her to show forgiveness?

3) How does the author's unusual upbringing actually help to develop this quality in her?

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