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Jeannette Walls
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jeannette want to do for a career by the time she is in 7th grade?
(a) Be a scientist.
(b) Be a teacher.
(c) Be a writer.
(d) Be a social worker.

2. What happens when Jeannette goes swimming in a public pool?
(a) She nearly drowns after getting into a fight with another girl.
(b) A neighborhood girl befriends her.
(c) The other children mock her for living in a "trash heap" and chase her out of the pool.
(d) She finally finds something that she can enjoy doing during the summer.

3. How does Jeannette help Lori get to New York City?
(a) She gets her a babysitting job and a bus ticket.
(b) She agrees to stay and help the family if they will let Lori go.
(c) She agrees to send Lori money to help her if she moves there.
(d) She helps her apply to college there.

4. Why does Jeannette refuse to invite her father to her graduation?
(a) Because she is afraid that her brother and father won't get along there.
(b) Because of his drunken behavior.
(c) Because Rex doesn't know that she is in college.
(d) Because she doesn't think that he will come.

5. What does Brian do when some neighborhood kids break out a window in the house?
(a) He chases after them and throws rocks at them.
(b) He ignores them.
(c) He tells his father, who goes to talk to the other parents.
(d) He sits on the porch and cries.

6. What does Jeannette plan to do after high school?
(a) Move back to Welch to be near her parents.
(b) Travel the world.
(c) Go straight to college.
(d) Take a job with the publication she interns for.

7. Where does Jeannette get a job in Part 3?
(a) A jewelry store.
(b) A cafeteria.
(c) A supermarket.
(d) A nursing home.

8. What happens to the money that Jeannette is supposed to use to feed the family in Part 3?
(a) The kids are able to make it last until their mother returns.
(b) It only lasts a few weeks.
(c) Her brother and sisters take it before she can buy groceries.
(d) She wastes it all on things for the house.

9. How do the Thanksgiving guests remember Rex?
(a) With indifference.
(b) As a man who caused more trouble than he was worth.
(c) As an important force in their lives.
(d) With great resentment.

10. Where do Jeannette and Lori first live in New York City?
(a) In a hostel.
(b) In a flophouse.
(c) With friends.
(d) In a house that they purchase with their savings.

11. What is Erma's reaction when the children tell their parents about the incident between her and Brian?
(a) She breaks down and confesses to doing wrong.
(b) She says everyone but Brian can stay with her.
(c) She says it is the truth but there is nothing wrong with what she did.
(d) She kicks the entire family out of the house.

12. What does Jeannette do when she decides she needs braces for her teeth?
(a) She makes homemade braces out of rubber bands.
(b) She tells her parents that she wants them for Christmas.
(c) She starts saving up money from her part time job.
(d) She tries to get a job at a dentist's office so that she can get braces.

13. How do Jeannette's views of her parents' behavior change as she develops into a teenager?
(a) She understands more why they have done what they have done, and she agrees with them.
(b) She can no longer make excuses for their actions, as she did as a small child.
(c) She starts to make excuses and find ways to justify all of the things that they have done.
(d) She is becoming resentful towards them.

14. Why does Rex leave home and disappear for several days following the death of his mother?
(a) He gets into a big fight with Rose Mary about money.
(b) He gets upset at his family for not respecting his mother's funeral.
(c) He is embarrassed that he has lost another job.
(d) He goes to stay with another woman.

15. What event leads to Rex's becoming (temporarily) sober in Part 4?
(a) He gets ill and is hospitalized for a time.
(b) His daughter begs him to get sober before her wedding.
(c) Rose Mary threatens to leave him if he doesn't stop drinking.
(d) His doctor tells him he'll die if he doesn't get sober.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Rex leave the job that has been arranged for him in Part 4?

2. Why do the other children look down on the Walls children?

3. What event throws Rex and Rose Mary into homelessness?

4. Why does Jeannette begin to refuse to go to her uncle's house?

5. What is Brian doing as he enters adolescence?

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