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Jeannette Walls
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What ends up happening to the hole the children dig in the backyard in Part 3?
(a) It gets filled with the family's trash when it begins to overflow.
(b) The kids use it as a hide out.
(c) Their father ends up filling it in with empty beer bottles.
(d) It gets flooded and fills with mud during a heavy rain.

2. What is the children's sleeping arrangement in their new home in Part 3?
(a) The children decide that they will all sleep together in the shed.
(b) They finally have their own rooms.
(c) They sleep in one room and make beds out of ropes because there is no furniture.
(d) They all sleep in one big bed.

3. Who brings Rose Mary to Thanksgiving dinner?
(a) Brian.
(b) Grandpa Walls.
(c) Maureen.
(d) Lori.

4. Where do Rex and Rose Mary live when they eventually move to New York?
(a) In a homeless shelter.
(b) In a boardinghouse and then a flophouse.
(c) With Jeannette and her boyfriend.
(d) In Lori's apartment.

5. For what purpose do Jeannette and Brian start digging a large hole in the backyard?
(a) They hide all of their prized possessions in it.
(b) They want to have a place to go and hide by themselves to talk.
(c) They decide to make a pet cemetery for their dogs and cats.
(d) They want to help Rex build the foundation for the glass castle.

6. How do Rose Mary and Rex react to the children's story about the incident between Erma and Brian?
(a) They beat the children for lying.
(b) They side with Erma, saying the children should have behaved better.
(c) They pretend that they do not hear what the children are saying.
(d) They are enraged at Erma.

7. What does Rose Mary tell the kids when they complain about their living conditions?
(a) That many people on their street have worse situations than theirs.
(b) That they are very lucky that they have their siblings.
(c) That they need to go out and get jobs to help the family.
(d) That if they are unhappy they should leave.

8. What does Jeannette tell her parents about the social worker visiting the house?
(a) That she told the social worker to go away.
(b) That she told the social worker the truth about what is going on in the home.
(c) That they need to do something to help keep the family together.
(d) That she hopes that the social workers take her to a new home.

9. How does Rex put Jeannette in a potentially dangerous situation in Part 3?
(a) By giving her alcohol.
(b) By leaving her alone at home.
(c) By letting her stay out all night.
(d) By having her "entertain" a man who he is playing pool with.

10. Where does Maureen go upon her release from the hospital?
(a) To California.
(b) To live with her sister.
(c) To her parent's old house in Welch.
(d) Back to the family home in Phoenix.

11. Where is Rose Mary living at the time of the Thanksgiving dinner?
(a) In the same abandoned apartment building that she and Rex had been squatting in for years.
(b) In Lori's apartment.
(c) In her own apartment.
(d) In a women's shelter.

12. What is the condition of the Wells' house like when spring comes in Part 3?
(a) The house has been burned down.
(b) The family has added onto the house, so there is more room for the children.
(c) The house is deteriorating with mold everywhere and no front door.
(d) The kids paint the outside and fix up the yard, but the inside is still in bad shape.

13. How do the Thanksgiving guests remember Rex?
(a) With great resentment.
(b) As a man who caused more trouble than he was worth.
(c) As an important force in their lives.
(d) With indifference.

14. What does Brian's mother do with what Jeanette and Brian find while foraging in the woods?
(a) She gives it as a gift to a friend.
(b) She sells it to a neighbor for less than it is worth.
(c) She loses it before she can sell it.
(d) She keeps it because it "raises her spirits".

15. What incident gets Maureen sentenced to one year in the hospital?
(a) She stabs her mother during an argument.
(b) She robs a convenience store while on drugs.
(c) She sets fire to her boyfriend's home.
(d) She threatens her brother and sisters.

Short Answer Questions

1. The Walls' parents refuse to accept help from their children. Why?

2. What does Jeannette do about her schooling when she moves to New York?

3. How does Jeannette handle the family's finances while her mother is out of town?

4. What is the Walls new house in Part 3 like?

5. What do Jeannette and Brian find when they are foraging in the woods?

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