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Jeannette Walls
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Lori get burned at the house in Welch?
(a) She is cooking for her younger brothers.
(b) She is playing with matches and catches her dress on fire.
(c) She is lighting a fire and the kerosene explodes on her.
(d) One of the children from school starts a fire in her yard.

2. How does Erma differ from Grandma Smith?
(a) Erma is close her family, and Grandma Smith was distant.
(b) Erma is very kind and shy, while Grandma Smith was standoffish.
(c) Erma is callous and rough, while Grandma Smith was very nurturing.
(d) Erma is very urban and streetwise, while Grandma Smith was very "country".

3. Why do the Welch children end up in special education classes?
(a) Their mother tells the school that the children can't read.
(b) They can't understand the principal and don't answer his questions correctly.
(c) The teacher talks to them and decides that they aren't smart.
(d) The children tell the principal that they want to be in slower classes.

4. Why do the other children look down on the Walls children?
(a) Because their mother doesn't have a real job.
(b) Because they aren't from Welch.
(c) Because they are "teacher's pets."
(d) Because of their lack of clothing and food.

5. What does Rex tell Jeannette when he takes her to the bus station in Part 3?
(a) That she is always welcome to change her mind and come back home.
(b) That she is making a huge mistake and will not be able to get along without her family.
(c) That he knows that she will be a huge success.
(d) That once she leaves, she is no longer welcome in the home.

6. What is the high school guidance counselor's advice for Jeannette?
(a) To get married and not worry about school.
(b) To find a vocational school to go to, and live at home.
(c) To graduate high school and find a college to go to in West Virginia.
(d) To keep her aspirations low, considering her background.

7. How does Jeannette handle the family's finances while her mother is out of town?
(a) She gives money to her father when he asks, even though she knows she shouldn't.
(b) She hides all of the money and doles it out sparingly.
(c) She wastes some of it on things for herself and is ashamed, but buys food with the rest.
(d) She spends it all on food to last the entire month before her father can get to it.

8. What event precipitates the argument in which Erma ends up hitting Lori?
(a) Brian becomes upset at Erma because she doesn't pay attention to him.
(b) Erma tells Lori that her father is "just a bum."
(c) Lori catches Erma attempting to molest Brian.
(d) Erma believes Jeannette stole her money.

9. Where do Rex and Rose Mary live when they eventually move to New York?
(a) In Lori's apartment.
(b) With Jeannette and her boyfriend.
(c) In a homeless shelter.
(d) In a boardinghouse and then a flophouse.

10. How does Jeannette describe her and Lori's first apartment together in New York?
(a) It is very luxurious.
(b) It's out in the middle of nowhere.
(c) It is bigger than their entire house in Welch.
(d) It is run-down and they are miserable.

11. The Walls' parents refuse to accept help from their children. Why?
(a) They view homelessness as an 'adventure'.
(b) They want to get out of the situation on their own.
(c) They feel guilty about not providing for their children.
(d) They believe that they are going to be rich soon.

12. What does Jeannette try to talk her mother into doing to make hers and the children's lives better?
(a) Leaving her father.
(b) Getting a better job.
(c) Moving back to Phoenix.
(d) Getting her father into rehab for his drinking.

13. How does Jeannette finance her rent during her college years?
(a) She trades childcare for room and board.
(b) She pays for everything with student loans.
(c) She lives in a hostel to save money.
(d) She borrows money from her sister.

14. How does Rex put Jeannette in a potentially dangerous situation in Part 3?
(a) By leaving her alone at home.
(b) By letting her stay out all night.
(c) By having her "entertain" a man who he is playing pool with.
(d) By giving her alcohol.

15. How do Jeannette's views of her parents' behavior change as she develops into a teenager?
(a) She understands more why they have done what they have done, and she agrees with them.
(b) She can no longer make excuses for their actions, as she did as a small child.
(c) She is becoming resentful towards them.
(d) She starts to make excuses and find ways to justify all of the things that they have done.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Rex leave the job that has been arranged for him in Part 4?

2. What happens to the money that Jeannette is supposed to use to feed the family in Part 3?

3. Why does Jeannette refuse to invite her father to her graduation?

4. Who is Ginnie Sue?

5. In Part 3, Jeannette and Lori make big plans to do what?

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