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Jeannette Walls
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Rex leave the job that has been arranged for him in Part 4?
(a) He realizes that he can't do the job well.
(b) Lori tells him he should quit.
(c) Rose Mary begs him to come back to the city.
(d) Rex doesn't think the job pays enough for what he is doing.

2. Where are Jeannette's parents living when they move to New York?
(a) In a hostel.
(b) With Lori in her apartment.
(c) As squatters in an abandoned building.
(d) In their own home.

3. How does Jeannette handle the family's finances while her mother is out of town?
(a) She wastes some of it on things for herself and is ashamed, but buys food with the rest.
(b) She hides all of the money and doles it out sparingly.
(c) She gives money to her father when he asks, even though she knows she shouldn't.
(d) She spends it all on food to last the entire month before her father can get to it.

4. How does Jeannette finance her rent during her college years?
(a) She lives in a hostel to save money.
(b) She trades childcare for room and board.
(c) She borrows money from her sister.
(d) She pays for everything with student loans.

5. What does Jeannette find out about her mother's finances in Part 4 that surprises her?
(a) That her mother had put aside money for all of the children when they were small.
(b) That her mother owns land that is worth over a million dollars and hasn't sold it.
(c) That her mother's family was very rich when she was a child.
(d) That her mother has been saving money to buy a house.

6. Where does Jeannette attend college?
(a) Boston College.
(b) Columbia University.
(c) Harvard.
(d) Princeton.

7. How does Jeannette's grandparents feel about her relationship with Dinitia?
(a) They are glad Jeannette has found a friend.
(b) They don't like it because Dinitia is black.
(c) They dislike Dinitia because they once had a a feud with her parents.
(d) They're friends with Dinitia's parents and enjoy having her around.

8. How does Jeannette describe her and Lori's first apartment together in New York?
(a) It's out in the middle of nowhere.
(b) It is run-down and they are miserable.
(c) It is very luxurious.
(d) It is bigger than their entire house in Welch.

9. What ends up happening to the hole the children dig in the backyard in Part 3?
(a) It gets flooded and fills with mud during a heavy rain.
(b) It gets filled with the family's trash when it begins to overflow.
(c) The kids use it as a hide out.
(d) Their father ends up filling it in with empty beer bottles.

10. The Walls' parents refuse to accept help from their children. Why?
(a) They feel guilty about not providing for their children.
(b) They believe that they are going to be rich soon.
(c) They view homelessness as an 'adventure'.
(d) They want to get out of the situation on their own.

11. What does Jeannette decide to do instead of following the guidance counselor's advice?
(a) To apply to top-notch schools.
(b) To wait for graduation and then move back to Phoenix.
(c) To stay at home, but drop out of school.
(d) To move to New York City immediately, even before graduating high school.

12. Where do Rex and Rose Mary live when they eventually move to New York?
(a) With Jeannette and her boyfriend.
(b) In a boardinghouse and then a flophouse.
(c) In a homeless shelter.
(d) In Lori's apartment.

13. In Part 3, Jeannette and Lori make big plans to do what?
(a) Steal their parent's money.
(b) Visit their Grandma Smith.
(c) Go to New York City.
(d) Get jobs to help support the family.

14. What event precipitates the argument in which Erma ends up hitting Lori?
(a) Erma tells Lori that her father is "just a bum."
(b) Erma believes Jeannette stole her money.
(c) Lori catches Erma attempting to molest Brian.
(d) Brian becomes upset at Erma because she doesn't pay attention to him.

15. How do Grandpa and Uncle Stanley react to Erma?
(a) They don't stand up to her.
(b) They are abusive towards her.
(c) They yell at her a lot.
(d) They are embarrassed by her.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Jeannette and Brian find when they are foraging in the woods?

2. What event throws Rex and Rose Mary into homelessness?

3. What incident helps cement Jeannette's conviction to leave Welch and her family?

4. Why do Rex and Rose Mary leave the children with their grandparents?

5. How did the Walls family heat their home during the winter?

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