Objects & Places from The Glass Castle

Jeannette Walls
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When the Walls family leaves the town Mary Rose births her fourth child in, they rent this.


Rose Mary keeps this expensive item at her mother's home. Despite living in poverty and later on the streets, Rose Mary refuses to sell it.


The Walls family would often move so quickly that the children could only to take one thing. Jeannette twice chooses to take this object.


For Christmas one year, Rex Walls can not give his children gifts, so he gives them each their choice of this object.

Glass Castle

This is the name of the energy efficient, solar-powered building that Jeannette's father wants to build for the family.

The Owl Club

This is a bar where Rex Walls spends a great deal of his time, while supposedly researching the corruption that kept him from holding down a job in the mines.

Green Lantern

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