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Freedom Writers
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Short Answer Questions

1. Why is the Guess? Company sponsoring a trip for some of the Freedom Writers?

2. What is a student referring to when she says she is a loving girl, but there is pain in her heart?

3. Why doesn't Gruwell cheer when students get excited about making another trip after touring the Lincoln Memorial?

4. What Christmas song is twisted during a sorority hazing?

5. In Chapter V, what illness runs in a student's family?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does a student feel that "National Spokesperson for the Plight of Black People" is stamped on her forehead?

2. Why it Christmas Eve so difficult for the student who writes Diary 113?

3. Why does reading "Catcher in the Rye" make a student begin to think about the consequences of suicide?

4. What does the prom queen write about her life?

5. Why is it so unusual that the Freedom Writers win the Spirit of Anne Frank Award?

6. In Diary 103, how many girls does the student know that go to college?

7. What does Gruwell do after the student's graduate?

8. Since Europe is over a year away, what takes precedence in Gruwell's plans after graduation?

9. Who is a prisoner who writes the Freedom Writers from West Virginia?

10. Why is it difficult for Gruwell to get permission to teach the students their senior year?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The motto of the American Jewish Committee that issues the Micah Award is "Whoever saves one life saves the world entire." What does that statement mean? How does that apply to Zlata? How does that statement apply to Anne Frank and those who helped her family? How does that statement apply to Gruwell and the Freedom Writers?

Essay Topic 2

In Diary 107, a student compares the students at an elementary school to lotus flowers. Why does the student compare these children to lotus flowers? In what type of environment do lotus flowers grow? How is the environment of a lotus plant similar to the environment the children from the elementary school live in?

Essay Topic 3

In Diary 119, a student asks journalist Peter Maass how he can "simply sit and watch people die." Write about Mr. Maass's answer. Do you agree with his answer? Why or why not?

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