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Freedom Writers
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Short Answer Questions

1. What award do the students receive from the American Jewish Committee?

2. A student who wants to be a aeronautical engineer gets to go to _______.

3. Why is a student asking the question, "To sign or not to sign"?

4. What do the Freedom Writers want the readers of their book to do?

5. What is a student referring to when she says she is a loving girl, but there is pain in her heart?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Peter Maass?

2. Why does the character Celie in "The Color Purple" remind a student about her Uncle Joe?

3. Since Europe is over a year away, what takes precedence in Gruwell's plans after graduation?

4. Who is a prisoner who writes the Freedom Writers from West Virginia?

5. Why does a student feel that "National Spokesperson for the Plight of Black People" is stamped on her forehead?

6. Why it Christmas Eve so difficult for the student who writes Diary 113?

7. What circumstances lead to a student being offered a job from John Tu?

8. How does Gruwell spend the summer of 1996?

9. Why is it so unusual that the Freedom Writers win the Spirit of Anne Frank Award?

10. Why does the Guess? Company wish to help the students get to New York City to accept an award?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write why Gruwell decides that she is being hypocritical at the beginning of the sophomore year. What is hypocrisy? How is Gruwell being hypocritical? How is Gruwell using labels to describe people? What is the danger of stereotyping? How many of the teachers actually are out to get Gruwell? Who helps Gruwell understand her hypocrisy?

Essay Topic 2

In the foreword to the book, Zlata mentions that good comes out of something bad. Several students, also mention in their diary entries how something bad turns into something positive. Write about what Zlata means that good comes from bad. What examples does Zlata give that shows good comes from bad circumstances? What do students say about difficult circumstances providing positive results? Provide examples from the book when something seems negative, but leads to positive results.

Essay Topic 3

During the spring semester of 1996, Gruwell asks, "If you could live an eternity and not change a thing or exist for the blink of an eye and alter everything, what do you choose?" How does Gruwell relate this statement to the students' lives? What does she tell the students they can do? How are the students to seize the moment? Which is better, to live forever and leave the world the same or live for a moment and change everything?

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