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Freedom Writers
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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the book that has Celie as the main character?

2. Who are Jopie and Lies?

3. Why at the Lincoln Monument does Gruwell begin to understand why moms cry at school plays and graduations?

4. What is the prom queen's native country?

5. What reporter does a student mention from the Los Angeles Times?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does the Guess? Company wish to help the students get to New York City to accept an award?

2. In Diary 103, how many girls does the student know that go to college?

3. Why does a student mention that her/his mother said that "Silence gets you nowhere in life"?

4. Why is getting kicked off the basketball team eventually a positive thing for Joan?

5. Why is it difficult for Gruwell to get permission to teach the students their senior year?

6. What do the Freedom Writers want readers of their book to do?

7. Why does a student feel that "National Spokesperson for the Plight of Black People" is stamped on her forehead?

8. Who is a prisoner who writes the Freedom Writers from West Virginia?

9. What tragic event makes the Freedom Writers realize how fortunate they are?

10. After the students walk down the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, what does someone suggest?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

During the fall semester of the sophomore year, a student struggles with the decision of whether to protect a "homie" and lie in court or to tell the truth. Before the student went to courtroom, what does s/he plan to say? What changes the student's mind? What conversation with his/her mother may be a factor in the student's decision? What circumstances in the student's own life may influence the student's decision? What does the student finally decide to do? Why?

Essay Topic 2

Write why Gruwell decides that she is being hypocritical at the beginning of the sophomore year. What is hypocrisy? How is Gruwell being hypocritical? How is Gruwell using labels to describe people? What is the danger of stereotyping? How many of the teachers actually are out to get Gruwell? Who helps Gruwell understand her hypocrisy?

Essay Topic 3

Things change for the Freedom Writers from the time they begin classes with Gruwell their freshman year beyond when they graduate from high school. What are some changes students make? What books, people, or events help students to change? List examples from the book of how specific students change and what specific things help the students to change.

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