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Freedom Writers
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Since war also came to Kosovo, what did almost all young Yugoslavians know?
(a) What a bomb sounded like and what it was like to have no home.
(b) How to write diaries.
(c) How to get out of the country.
(d) How to protect themselves.

2. Why is Tommy's father surprised when Gruwell calls him?
(a) Most teachers do not bother to keep parents informed.
(b) Teachers doesn't usually call to say Tommy is doing well.
(c) He thinks Tommy is doing well in school.
(d) A teacher never calls him before.

3. What types of students attend Wilson High?
(a) Mostly blacks.
(b) Rich kids and poor kids from the projects.
(c) Mostly hispanics.
(d) Mostly caucasian students.

4. Who is the teacher of the students at Wilson High School?
(a) Erin Gruwell.
(b) Emilie Gridwell.
(c) Anne Frank.
(d) Elise Gonzalez.

5. What incident made Schindler try to save every Jew he could?
(a) Finding the body of a little girl with other dead bodies waiting to be burned.
(b) Losing a good friend.
(c) Seeing Jews herded into cattle cars.
(d) Losing a favorite employee.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does one student testify at a murder trial?

2. What makes studying Camelot and King Arthur more interesting for the students?

3. What is another word for 'odd' according to one of the students?

4. After reading Romeo and Juliet, why does a student realize she is not as in love with her boyfriend as she thinks she is?

5. What does one student do during a "three-week vacation" from school the spring of the freshman year?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Gruwell frustrated at the beginning of the semester in the spring of 1995?

2. What does Zlata think about the situation in Kosovo?

3. As described in Chapter 1, why does a student get a gun to protect him/herself?

4. Why does one student feel like Cinderella after a dinner at the Century City Marriott?

5. Why does Zlata highly respect and admire Gruwell?

6. Why does a student decide 'odd' is not a three-letter word, but a seven-letter word?

7. Why is Gruwell stereotyped by some of the other teachers?

8. Why does one student decide she is not as in love with her boyfriend as she thought she was?

9. What do the students do when they play the peanut game?

10. Who is Miep Gies?

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