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Freedom Writers
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is coming to speak to the class immediately after Gerda Seifer?
(a) Miep Gies.
(b) Anne Frank.
(c) Steven Spielberg.
(d) Zlata Filipovic.

2. When Renee Firestone, a Holocaust survivor, asked a Gestapo agent if she could see her family again, what did she learn?
(a) Her father was dead, but her mother was in Renee's barracks.
(b) Her parents were dead, but her siblings were in Renee's barracks.
(c) She could be reunited with her family in the crematorium.
(d) Her family was transferred to another camp.

3. Why are some students not allowed to go to the Medieval Times Restaurant?
(a) Their clothes.
(b) They flunk the test.
(c) Their haircuts.
(d) Their attitudes.

4. What does one student realize after meeting the diversity panelists?
(a) Other people have difficult lives also.
(b) The student does not have anything in common with the diversity panelists.
(c) That anything is possible.
(d) That the panelists overcome many hardships.

5. What does a student who is a "goodie two shoes" do when shopping with her parents?
(a) Shoplift.
(b) Tears clothes that she tries on.
(c) Meet a friend.
(d) Put lipstick on clothes she tries on.

Short Answer Questions

1. After reading Romeo and Juliet, why does a student realize she is not as in love with her boyfriend as she thinks she is?

2. What amazes a student about the bathrooms at the Century City Marriott?

3. Why are the diaries written anonymously?

4. What are two books mentioned in the forward that the students read in class?

5. Why is the student in Diary Three at Wilson?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do the students do when they play the peanut game?

2. Why does a student decide 'odd' is not a three-letter word, but a seven-letter word?

3. Why does one student decide she is not as in love with her boyfriend as she thought she was?

4. Why does Zlata highly respect and admire Gruwell?

5. What is tagging?

6. Why is Gruwell frustrated at the beginning of the semester in the spring of 1995?

7. In Diary 46, why does a student's father dislike her best friend?

8. Why does Renee Firestone's story affect one student?

9. Why is the word 'murder' a shadow hovering over a student's life the fall of 1995?

10. Why is one student out of school for a week or two before beginning the sophomore year?

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