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Freedom Writers
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the Freedom Writers do after their first year in college?
(a) Go to China.
(b) Tour Europe.
(c) Go to an impoverished country and build houses.
(d) Visit South America.

2. Where do the Freedom Writers mentor students?
(a) Long Beach Elementary School.
(b) Butler Elementary School.
(c) Newport Beach Elementary School.
(d) Wilson Elementary School.

3. What does Gruwell do the summer of 1996?
(a) Teach at Cal State.
(b) Look for a new job.
(c) Teach at National University and go to Europe.
(d) Work at Nordstrom's and the Marriott.

4. What museum do the students visit in D.C.?
(a) Library of Congress.
(b) National Gallery of Art.
(c) Smithsonian.
(d) Holocaust Museum.

5. What is a student referring to when she says she is a loving girl, but there is pain in her heart?
(a) She is in an abusive relationship.
(b) Her best friend died.
(c) She wishes she has a boyfriend.
(d) Her mother is dying.

6. What does a junior student say about her stepfather during the fall semester?
(a) He works hard.
(b) He is a professional alcoholic.
(c) He loves her mother very much.
(d) He is never home.

7. What does a student want to tell a prisoner in West Virginia?
(a) To be on good behavior so he can get out soon.
(b) To write an apology letter to the family of the man he murdered.
(c) To think how he can be an influence even though he is in jail.
(d) That he must tell the judge he is innocent so he can be with his daughter.

8. Why does a student's mother usually get twice as many presents on Christmas Eve as everyone else?
(a) Christmas Eve is her birthday.
(b) Because she has so many children.
(c) Because her husband is sorry for the years he isn't there for the family.
(d) She doesn't get many present as a child and her parents are trying to make up for it.

9. Who wrote, "Who so should be a man, must be a nonconformist"?
(a) Emerson.
(b) Poe.
(c) Whitman.
(d) Thoreau.

10. A student who wants to be a aeronautical engineer gets to go to _______.
(a) UCLA.
(b) MIT.
(c) Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena.
(d) NASA's Johnson Space Center.

11. Why, a few weeks before graduation, does a student have to give up his dream of attending a prestigious technical school?
(a) He flunks several of his classes.
(b) He does not get a scholarship.
(c) His mother dies.
(d) His father is ill.

12. Why at the Lincoln Monument does Gruwell begin to understand why moms cry at school plays and graduations?
(a) She is so proud of the Freedom Writers.
(b) She is not looking forward to losing the students after they graduated.
(c) She can't find one of the students.
(d) She is worried about getting everyone back on the buses.

13. Why does a student get kicked off the basketball team this senior year?
(a) Her attitude.
(b) Drinking on school property.
(c) Arrested for doing drugs.
(d) Skipping practices.

14. Why does Tu donate computers?
(a) So no one recognizes the handwriting in diary entries.
(b) So every teacher at Wilson High has a computer in their classrooms.
(c) To set up a computer lab.
(d) Because there are no computers available at school.

15. What does a student say after not taking the opportunity to sing to Jopie and Lies?
(a) "A missed opportunity can never be made up."
(b) "Success comes only to those who take advantage of opportunities."
(c) "Only those who take advantage of opportunities in life succeed."
(d) "Silence gets you nowhere in life."

Short Answer Questions

1. What article by Peter Maass does a student read his/her sophomore year?

2. What does Gruwell tell Zlata on the phone spring of 1996?

3. Who said, "The best method of overcoming your obstacles is the team method"?

4. Why does a student call her mother's boyfriend a tornado?

5. Why does Gruwell feel guilty when she drives students home if they stay late after school?

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