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Freedom Writers
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is money raised to get the students to college?
(a) Sell the rights to their diaries.
(b) A nonprofit organization is created.
(c) Concerts.
(d) Basketball tournaments.

2. What is the prom queen's native country?
(a) Bosnia.
(b) Mexico.
(c) Peru.
(d) Nicaragua.

3. Why, a few weeks before graduation, does a student have to give up his dream of attending a prestigious technical school?
(a) He does not get a scholarship.
(b) His mother dies.
(c) His father is ill.
(d) He flunks several of his classes.

4. Why do the students and Gruwell have to climb out the window of the school one night?
(a) So the alarms don't go off.
(b) Because there is a gang fight outside the front door.
(c) That is how they get into the school.
(d) Because they are not supposed to be in the building after hours.

5. What article by Peter Maass does a student read his/her sophomore year?
(a) Ground Zero.
(b) Bosnia: War or Religious Cleansing?
(c) Bosnia, a First-Hand Persepective.
(d) The Bosnia War.

6. How is money raised for a trip to Washington, D.C.?
(a) A bake sale.
(b) A basketball game.
(c) Donations from wealthy donors.
(d) A concert.

7. What do the Freedom Writers remember when the pressure of their new lives gets too intense?
(a) Words of Anne Frank.
(b) John Tu's encouragement.
(c) The lessons learned in Gruwell's class.
(d) All the awards they receive.

8. When the students are speaking at an elementary school, what icebreaker question brings nearly everyone forward?
(a) "Who has heard of Anne Frank?"
(b) "Who only has one parent?"
(c) "Has anyone seen someone get shot before?"
(d) "Who has had a family member murdered?"

9. How does Cheryl Best inspire a student?
(a) The student realizes that hard work makes up for a poor background.
(b) The student realizes you do not need a father figure to do well.
(c) The student realizes s/he can go to medical school also.
(d) The student realizes that college is possible for him/her.

10. Why do the students have a particular place they want to visit after walking down the steps of the Lincoln Memorial?
(a) They want to see the national library.
(b) That is where their journey began.
(c) They always wanted to travel abroard.
(d) They know they may never return to Washington, D.C.

11. One student has never been on a Freedom Writers trip before. Why does the student get to go to D.C.?
(a) Because the student finally has good grades.
(b) Because the student no longer has to help with a sick brother.
(c) Because the student's father is in Mexico.
(d) Because someone donates the money so the student can go.

12. Why is a student asking the question, "To sign or not to sign"?
(a) The student is trying to decide whether to play professional football or not.
(b) The player is trying to decide whether to play professional basketball.
(c) The student is trying to decide whether to go to college or play minor league baseball.
(d) The student is trying to decide whether to play professional soccer.

13. Why does a teacher say they do not read black literature in class?
(a) Because there aren't any good black writers.
(b) Because the teacher prefers to read literature by Hispanics.
(c) Because it all has sex, fornication, drugs, and cussing.
(d) Because there isn't time.

14. Besides moving forward, what are the Freedom Writers doing?
(a) Serving as volunteers.
(b) Volunteering at the Museum of Tolerance.
(c) Pulling family members and friends along too.
(d) Writing novels, poetry, and newspaper or magazine articles.

15. When the students walk down the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, what motto do they chant?
(a) Freedom forever.
(b) Be free, dream.
(c) Dreams make you free.
(d) Freedom Writers have a dream.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who said, "The best method of overcoming your obstacles is the team method"?

2. Why at the Lincoln Monument does Gruwell begin to understand why moms cry at school plays and graduations?

3. Who does a student compare him/herself to when the student says "I've probably witnessed more dead bodies than a ______________."

4. How does a mother of a student die of shortly before her Christmas Eve birthday?

5. Why do the students need a receptionist every class period?

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