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Freedom Writers
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does a student talk about at the diversity seminar?
(a) The gang the student belongs to.
(b) How a best friend died in a gang war.
(c) The books the student has read that influence him.
(d) The student's abusive father.

2. Although their destinations after high school are different, what is still the same for the Freedom Writers?
(a) Their full-ride scholarships.
(b) Their common goal.
(c) They are all attending college.
(d) They are mentoring kids from the projects.

3. Why does a student have to be head of the household and worry about rent and car payments Senior year?
(a) The student's cousin is murdered and parents leave the country.
(b) The student's father takes off with the families small bit of savings.
(c) The student's mother is ill and father is nowhere to be found.
(d) The student's parents are murdered.

4. In the book, "Animal Farm", what is a Boxer?
(a) A person who is hardworking.
(b) A person who does not work hard.
(c) A person who likes to party.
(d) A person who is a homebody.

5. What article by Peter Maass does a student read his/her sophomore year?
(a) Bosnia: War or Religious Cleansing?
(b) The Bosnia War.
(c) Ground Zero.
(d) Bosnia, a First-Hand Persepective.

6. Why does a student get kicked off the basketball team this senior year?
(a) Her attitude.
(b) Drinking on school property.
(c) Skipping practices.
(d) Arrested for doing drugs.

7. What does Gruwell tell Zlata on the phone spring of 1996?
(a) Gruwell thanks her for coming to see the class.
(b) Zlata is the inspiration for the latest writing project.
(c) Gruwell asks her if she comes again.
(d) That Gruwell is going to Bosnia.

8. Why is a student asking the question, "To sign or not to sign"?
(a) The student is trying to decide whether to go to college or play minor league baseball.
(b) The player is trying to decide whether to play professional basketball.
(c) The student is trying to decide whether to play professional soccer.
(d) The student is trying to decide whether to play professional football or not.

9. What does a student's mother do about a teacher who doesn't read black literature?
(a) Bring a list of black literature to the principal.
(b) Yell at the teacher.
(c) The mother doen't do anything.
(d) Go to the school board.

10. Why, a few weeks before graduation, does a student have to give up his dream of attending a prestigious technical school?
(a) He flunks several of his classes.
(b) His mother dies.
(c) His father is ill.
(d) He does not get a scholarship.

11. How does Cheryl Best inspire a student?
(a) The student realizes you do not need a father figure to do well.
(b) The student realizes that college is possible for him/her.
(c) The student realizes s/he can go to medical school also.
(d) The student realizes that hard work makes up for a poor background.

12. What were Rosa Parks and the other blacks called who rode buses to fight racism?
(a) Blacks for Freedom.
(b) Riders for Black Rights.
(c) Freedom Riders.
(d) Freedom Fighters.

13. Why do the students have a particular place they want to visit after walking down the steps of the Lincoln Memorial?
(a) They always wanted to travel abroard.
(b) They want to see the national library.
(c) They know they may never return to Washington, D.C.
(d) That is where their journey began.

14. Who does a student compare him/herself to when the student says "I've probably witnessed more dead bodies than a ______________."
(a) Police officer.
(b) Mortician.
(c) Doctor.
(d) Soldier in a war.

15. Why does a student say John Tu gives instead of handouts?
(a) Jobs.
(b) Inspiration.
(c) Scholarships.
(d) Hope.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Christmas 1997, what do the students have to do to accept an award?

2. What happens to Teres's father?

3. What Christmas song is twisted during a sorority hazing?

4. In the book "Animal Farm", what is a Molly?

5. What do the Freedom Writers do after their first year in college?

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