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Freedom Writers
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What civil rights activist do the Freedom Writers meet days before the second college semester begins?
(a) Rosa Parks.
(b) Harry Belafonte.
(c) Lurma Rackley.
(d) Celeste Wiley.

2. Why does a student have to be head of the household and worry about rent and car payments Senior year?
(a) The student's parents are murdered.
(b) The student's father takes off with the families small bit of savings.
(c) The student's cousin is murdered and parents leave the country.
(d) The student's mother is ill and father is nowhere to be found.

3. What does Gruwell do the summer of 1996?
(a) Teach at Cal State.
(b) Look for a new job.
(c) Teach at National University and go to Europe.
(d) Work at Nordstrom's and the Marriott.

4. How do the Freedom Writers hone their writing craft?
(a) The school board brings in tutors.
(b) Gruwell and other teachers work with them one-on-one.
(c) They create a college course.
(d) They hire tutors.

5. A student who wants to be a aeronautical engineer gets to go to _______.
(a) UCLA.
(b) Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena.
(c) NASA's Johnson Space Center.
(d) MIT.

6. Who says, "Earning happiness means doing good and working, not speculating and being lazy"?
(a) Anne Frank.
(b) Zlata Filipovic.
(c) Martin Luther King, Jr.
(d) Miep Gies.

7. When the students are speaking at an elementary school, what icebreaker question brings nearly everyone forward?
(a) "Who only has one parent?"
(b) "Has anyone seen someone get shot before?"
(c) "Who has heard of Anne Frank?"
(d) "Who has had a family member murdered?"

8. In the book "Animal Farm", what is a Molly?
(a) A person who gossips.
(b) A person who can't keep a secret.
(c) A person who works hard.
(d) A person who does not work hard.

9. Why does a student say John Tu gives instead of handouts?
(a) Inspiration.
(b) Hope.
(c) Jobs.
(d) Scholarships.

10. Where is Gruwell the day before the junior year begins?
(a) France.
(b) Dublin.
(c) Newport Beach.
(d) Long Beach.

11. In Chapter V, what illness runs in a student's family?
(a) Congenital heart defects.
(b) Cystic fibrosis.
(c) Clinical depression.
(d) Cancer of the liver.

12. What does the student who used to play park league and Pop Warner football receive?
(a) A contract to play pro ball.
(b) A full-ride scholarship to a PAC-10 school.
(c) A scholarship to play baseball.
(d) A scholarship to play basketball.

13. Besides moving forward, what are the Freedom Writers doing?
(a) Volunteering at the Museum of Tolerance.
(b) Pulling family members and friends along too.
(c) Serving as volunteers.
(d) Writing novels, poetry, and newspaper or magazine articles.

14. During the diversity seminar, what does a student remember about how his/her brother died during his/her sophomore year?
(a) How he died from a brain tumor.
(b) How he died from a shooting.
(c) How he died in a car accident.
(d) How he died from a knife wound.

15. What does a junior student say about her stepfather during the fall semester?
(a) He is never home.
(b) He works hard.
(c) He is a professional alcoholic.
(d) He loves her mother very much.

Short Answer Questions

1. What novel inspires one of the student's to try to write her own book?

2. Who challenges the Freedom Writers to not just talk, but "to walk the walk"?

3. How does a student feel after editing a story about an abortion?

4. What does a student talk about at the diversity seminar?

5. What poem does a student write after realizing living in the ghetto and having brown skin does not mean you cannot be successful?

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