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Freedom Writers
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who are the "Dream Team Moms"?
(a) Mothers of the football players.
(b) Mothers of the basketball players.
(c) Mothers who bake cookies for teachers.
(d) Mothers who adopt the class as their kids.

2. In Diary Six, how does a student lose many of his friends?
(a) In an undeclared war.
(b) Because the friends don't want to see the student any more.
(c) The friends drop out of school.
(d) The friends are put in juvenile dentention.

3. In the fall of 1994, why does one student say s/he does not belong in Gruwell's class?
(a) Because the student is white.
(b) Because there is a mix up in the schedule.
(c) Because the student's test scores are high.
(d) Because the student is Latino.

4. What important lesson does one student learn during her freshman year?
(a) That school can be interesting.
(b) How to study.
(c) That Gruwell is an extraordinary teacher.
(d) People do change.

5. What feelings does Zlata have when asked to write the forward?
(a) Frustrated and nervous.
(b) Displeased.
(c) Honored, proud, and amazed.
(d) Honored, but not interested.

6. How does Gruwell get money for new books, guest speakers, and field trips?
(a) Gruwell has a trust fund.
(b) The students and their parents pay.
(c) She also works at the Marriott Hotel and Norstroms.
(d) Private donors.

7. What are Zlata and one of the students both wearing when they meet?
(a) Doc Martens.
(b) Aeropostale Ts.
(c) Gap sweatshirts.
(d) Abercrombie & Fitch jeans.

8. Why does one student have to be out of school for a week or two and miss the beginning of the sophomore year?
(a) The student's mother dies.
(b) He has to be in juvenile hall.
(c) The student's father dies.
(d) He has to have sinus surgery.

9. What is so special about the buses students rode in with Zlata and Mirna?
(a) The buses are air conditioned, have televisions, seat lights, and bathrooms.
(b) They are driven by bus drivers in tuxedoes.
(c) There are no broken windows or torn seats.
(d) Each student has their own seat.

10. What do some of the teachers call Gruwell?
(a) A Prima Donna.
(b) A great teacher.
(c) A brown noser.
(d) A troublemaker.

11. Why are the diaries written anonymously?
(a) The school board says the students have to remain anonymous.
(b) To protect the students and show the universality of their experiences.
(c) The students are embarassed of their writing.
(d) The principal insisted that the students remain anonymous.

12. Why is the student in Diary Three at Wilson?
(a) The student's parents arrange a transfer.
(b) The student is expelled from their old school.
(c) Wilson is the closest school to the student's home.
(d) It is either Wilson or boot camp.

13. Why does the class split up their junior year?
(a) Gruwell may be leaving.
(b) The principal wants to split up the class.
(c) Other teachers are saying Gruwell doesn't haven't enough seniority to pick students.
(d) The school board is not happy with Gruwell's methods.

14. In her thank you letter, what does Zlata tell the students not to forget?
(a) She keeps in touch by writing.
(b) To keep reading about heroes.
(c) The strength and power to do things is in them.
(d) To raise money for Bosnia.

15. What does Zlata say about Erin Gruwell?
(a) Gruwell should move on to a different high school.
(b) Gruwell serves as parent, friend, advocate, and teacher.
(c) Gruwell is lucky to have such a talented group of students.
(d) Gruwell is respected and liked by all her fellow teachers.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Zlata meet the students of Wilson High School?

2. What incident made Schindler try to save every Jew he could?

3. What makes studying Camelot and King Arthur more interesting for the students?

4. What event caused 168 innocent men, women and children to die?

5. Why does Gruwell throw out her carefully planned lessons in the fall of 1994?

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