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Freedom Writers
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is a four-letter word not in the students' vocabulary, according to Gruwell their sophomore year?
(a) Hope.
(b) Nice.
(c) Give.
(d) Work.

2. What types of students attend Wilson High?
(a) Mostly blacks.
(b) Mostly caucasian students.
(c) Rich kids and poor kids from the projects.
(d) Mostly hispanics.

3. When does Zlata meet the students of Wilson High School?
(a) March, 1996.
(b) March, 2006.
(c) December, 1997.
(d) September, 1998.

4. Why are some students not allowed to go to the Medieval Times Restaurant?
(a) They flunk the test.
(b) Their attitudes.
(c) Their haircuts.
(d) Their clothes.

5. Why are the diaries written anonymously?
(a) To protect the students and show the universality of their experiences.
(b) The school board says the students have to remain anonymous.
(c) The principal insisted that the students remain anonymous.
(d) The students are embarassed of their writing.

6. How does Gruwell get money for new books, guest speakers, and field trips?
(a) Gruwell has a trust fund.
(b) She also works at the Marriott Hotel and Norstroms.
(c) Private donors.
(d) The students and their parents pay.

7. What are the students inspired to do after reading the diaries?
(a) Write their own diaries.
(b) Quit school.
(c) Write a screenplay.
(d) Talk to their parents about improving their lives.

8. What does Zlata say about Erin Gruwell?
(a) Gruwell is lucky to have such a talented group of students.
(b) Gruwell serves as parent, friend, advocate, and teacher.
(c) Gruwell should move on to a different high school.
(d) Gruwell is respected and liked by all her fellow teachers.

9. What feelings does Zlata have when asked to write the forward?
(a) Frustrated and nervous.
(b) Honored, but not interested.
(c) Displeased.
(d) Honored, proud, and amazed.

10. What is another word for 'odd' according to one of the students?
(a) Gruwell.
(b) Sharaud.
(c) Peculiar.
(d) Different.

11. To what does Gruwell compare the Capulets and Montagues in Romeo and Juliet?
(a) The Black and Asian gangs in Long Beach.
(b) The preppy students and the Asian students.
(c) The Black and Hispanic gangs in Long Beach.
(d) The Latino and Asian gangs in Long Beach.

12. Why does Gruwell throw out her carefully planned lessons in the fall of 1994?
(a) None of the students know what the Holocaust is.
(b) The students are not smart enough to handle the work.
(c) The lessons are geared toward white middle class students.
(d) The lessons are not appropriate for the class.

13. What does a student compare O.J. Simpson's trial to?
(a) The student's mother's trial for murder.
(b) The Oklahoma City bombing.
(c) A trial where the student is a witness.
(d) The trial of the student's brother for murder.

14. After reading Romeo and Juliet, why does a student realize she is not as in love with her boyfriend as she thinks she is?
(a) Because she sees things in him she does not like.
(b) Because she can never stab herself over a guy.
(c) Because she is becoming interested in another guy.
(d) Because she does not want to see him as often.

15. What are two books about teens in crisis that are read the fall of 1995?
(a) The Wave and Night.
(b) Twelve Angry Men and Durango Street.
(c) Durango Street and Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl.
(d) To Kill a Mockingbird and Catcher in the Rye.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Diary One, how long does the student give Gruwell before she quits?

2. Who is Miep Gies?

3. What does a student remember after reading about women being molested in Bosnia?

4. Why is Tommy's father surprised when Gruwell calls him?

5. In the fall of 1995, where is home for a student and his mother who are evicted from their apartment?

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