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Freedom Writers
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are two books mentioned in the forward that the students read in class?
(a) The Great Depression: A Diary and The Adderall Diaries.
(b) The Reagan Diaries and The Heroin Diaries.
(c) Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, and Zlata's Diary: A Child's Life in Sarajevo.
(d) The Royal Diaries and I Will Bear Witness.

2. In the fall of 1995, where is home for a student and his mother who are evicted from their apartment?
(a) At his aunt's house.
(b) Room 407.
(c) His church.
(d) Room 203.

3. What incident made Schindler try to save every Jew he could?
(a) Losing a good friend.
(b) Finding the body of a little girl with other dead bodies waiting to be burned.
(c) Losing a favorite employee.
(d) Seeing Jews herded into cattle cars.

4. What feelings does Zlata have when asked to write the forward?
(a) Honored, proud, and amazed.
(b) Frustrated and nervous.
(c) Displeased.
(d) Honored, but not interested.

5. What good came out of Zlata's bad situation?
(a) She was able to become a famous writer.
(b) She was able to finish school.
(c) She was given some influence in the world.
(d) She is now able to travel.

6. Why does Gruwell throw out her carefully planned lessons in the fall of 1994?
(a) None of the students know what the Holocaust is.
(b) The lessons are not appropriate for the class.
(c) The students are not smart enough to handle the work.
(d) The lessons are geared toward white middle class students.

7. Why does the class split up their junior year?
(a) The school board is not happy with Gruwell's methods.
(b) Other teachers are saying Gruwell doesn't haven't enough seniority to pick students.
(c) The principal wants to split up the class.
(d) Gruwell may be leaving.

8. What is so special about the buses students rode in with Zlata and Mirna?
(a) The buses are air conditioned, have televisions, seat lights, and bathrooms.
(b) They are driven by bus drivers in tuxedoes.
(c) Each student has their own seat.
(d) There are no broken windows or torn seats.

9. To what does Gruwell compare the Capulets and Montagues in Romeo and Juliet?
(a) The preppy students and the Asian students.
(b) The Black and Hispanic gangs in Long Beach.
(c) The Latino and Asian gangs in Long Beach.
(d) The Black and Asian gangs in Long Beach.

10. Why can't a student go to a movie with her best friend?
(a) They don't have any money.
(b) The movie is rated R.
(c) Because the friend is white.
(d) They can't go without an adult chaperone.

11. Why did Zlata start writing a diary?
(a) Because her grandmother encouraged her to do so.
(b) As a place to keep secrets from her parents.
(c) As a place to record her childhood.
(d) Because her teacher assigned diary writing as a school project.

12. In her thank you letter, what does Zlata tell the students not to forget?
(a) She keeps in touch by writing.
(b) To keep reading about heroes.
(c) The strength and power to do things is in them.
(d) To raise money for Bosnia.

13. What does Zlata say about Erin Gruwell?
(a) Gruwell serves as parent, friend, advocate, and teacher.
(b) Gruwell should move on to a different high school.
(c) Gruwell is lucky to have such a talented group of students.
(d) Gruwell is respected and liked by all her fellow teachers.

14. Why does Gruwell almost take another job the fall of 1995?
(a) The students' behavior last year.
(b) The apathy of her students.
(c) The attitudes of the other teachers.
(d) The attitudes of the principal and school board.

15. Since war also came to Kosovo, what did almost all young Yugoslavians know?
(a) How to protect themselves.
(b) What a bomb sounded like and what it was like to have no home.
(c) How to write diaries.
(d) How to get out of the country.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do some of the teachers call Gruwell?

2. Where is Zlata's homeland?

3. Why is one student not able to play sports, climb gym ropes, swing, or do a pull-up?

4. Why does one student apologize in Diary 50?

5. The beginning of the sophomore year, what does a transfer student wish Gruwell is like?

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