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Freedom Writers
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens to a student when she runs away with her boyfriend?
(a) She is sent to juvenile hall.
(b) She goes to live with a relative far away from the boyfriend.
(c) Her parents ground her and transfer her to Wilson High.
(d) She is homeschooled for awhile.

2. According to Zlata, what good came from Anne Frank's tragedy?
(a) Anne never knew what happens to her family.
(b) Anne is known all around the world.
(c) Anne's strength remains to lead and inspire.
(d) Anne is responsible for helping to end the war.

3. What are two books mentioned in the forward that the students read in class?
(a) The Reagan Diaries and The Heroin Diaries.
(b) The Great Depression: A Diary and The Adderall Diaries.
(c) Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, and Zlata's Diary: A Child's Life in Sarajevo.
(d) The Royal Diaries and I Will Bear Witness.

4. Since war also came to Kosovo, what did almost all young Yugoslavians know?
(a) How to protect themselves.
(b) How to get out of the country.
(c) How to write diaries.
(d) What a bomb sounded like and what it was like to have no home.

5. What feelings does Zlata have when asked to write the forward?
(a) Honored, but not interested.
(b) Honored, proud, and amazed.
(c) Frustrated and nervous.
(d) Displeased.

6. What are Zlata and one of the students both wearing when they meet?
(a) Abercrombie & Fitch jeans.
(b) Doc Martens.
(c) Gap sweatshirts.
(d) Aeropostale Ts.

7. Who is Miep Gies?
(a) A teacher at Wilson High.
(b) The woman who kept Anne Frank alive in the attic.
(c) Director of the Museum of Tolerance.
(d) A friend of Zlata Filipovic.

8. What makes Tommy Jefferson, a football player, cry?
(a) The death of a friend.
(b) Zlata's experience.
(c) Anne Frank's experience.
(d) His father's death.

9. How far do two students go to be accepted into a gang and a sorority?
(a) They kill someone.
(b) One student is beaten until bones are broken and another student is humiliated.
(c) They deface school property.
(d) They beat someone up.

10. What good came out of Zlata's bad situation?
(a) She was able to become a famous writer.
(b) She was able to finish school.
(c) She is now able to travel.
(d) She was given some influence in the world.

11. What happened to one student before emigrating to the United States from Peru?
(a) The student's school was bombed.
(b) The house next door was bombed.
(c) The student was injured in a car bombing.
(d) The student's father was killed.

12. What does Zlata say about Erin Gruwell?
(a) Gruwell is lucky to have such a talented group of students.
(b) Gruwell serves as parent, friend, advocate, and teacher.
(c) Gruwell should move on to a different high school.
(d) Gruwell is respected and liked by all her fellow teachers.

13. What are the students inspired to do after reading the diaries?
(a) Quit school.
(b) Talk to their parents about improving their lives.
(c) Write a screenplay.
(d) Write their own diaries.

14. What does a student who is a "goodie two shoes" do when shopping with her parents?
(a) Meet a friend.
(b) Put lipstick on clothes she tries on.
(c) Shoplift.
(d) Tears clothes that she tries on.

15. What event caused 168 innocent men, women and children to die?
(a) An airplane crash.
(b) Race riots.
(c) Oklahoma City bombing.
(d) An earthquake.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Diary Six, how does a student lose many of his friends?

2. According to Zlata, what is important about what happens to people?

3. Why can most of the class relate to the main character in the book Durango Street?

4. In her thank you letter, what does Zlata tell the students not to forget?

5. Why did Zlata start writing a diary?

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