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Freedom Writers
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is a four-letter word not in the students' vocabulary, according to Gruwell their sophomore year?
(a) Give.
(b) Nice.
(c) Hope.
(d) Work.

2. What are two books about teens in crisis that are read the fall of 1995?
(a) The Wave and Night.
(b) Durango Street and Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl.
(c) To Kill a Mockingbird and Catcher in the Rye.
(d) Twelve Angry Men and Durango Street.

3. How does Gruwell get money for new books, guest speakers, and field trips?
(a) Gruwell has a trust fund.
(b) Private donors.
(c) She also works at the Marriott Hotel and Norstroms.
(d) The students and their parents pay.

4. The beginning of the sophomore year, what does a transfer student wish Gruwell is like?
(a) More interesting, like the other teachers.
(b) Less concerned about grades.
(c) Boring like the other teachers.
(d) More concerned about her students.

5. What does a student remember after reading about women being molested in Bosnia?
(a) How her father's friend molested her.
(b) How her father molested her.
(c) How her uncle molested her.
(d) How she was raped.

6. Who is coming to speak to the class immediately after Gerda Seifer?
(a) Zlata Filipovic.
(b) Steven Spielberg.
(c) Miep Gies.
(d) Anne Frank.

7. What important lesson does one student learn during her freshman year?
(a) How to study.
(b) People do change.
(c) That school can be interesting.
(d) That Gruwell is an extraordinary teacher.

8. What did Zlata's diary become?
(a) A type of therapy to deal with everything that was going on with the war.
(b) A way to communicate with her friends.
(c) A list of all the atrocities of the war.
(d) A way to get out of doing schoolwork.

9. After reading Zlata's Diary, what does the class want to do?
(a) Go to Europe.
(b) Invite Zlata to come speak to the class.
(c) Go see Schindler's List.
(d) Write diaries.

10. Why can most of the class relate to the main character in the book Durango Street?
(a) Because either they, a family member, or a friend has been in jail.
(b) Because the character has a preppy school teacher also.
(c) Because the character dislikes school also.
(d) Because they are the same race as the main character.

11. What does Gruwell tell the student with a 0.5 GPA?
(a) That she can tutor the student over the summer.
(b) That the student has to repeat the class next year.
(c) She believes in her.
(d) That the student will never graduate.

12. Why does Gruwell throw out her carefully planned lessons in the fall of 1994?
(a) The lessons are geared toward white middle class students.
(b) None of the students know what the Holocaust is.
(c) The lessons are not appropriate for the class.
(d) The students are not smart enough to handle the work.

13. What secret is "Little Miss Goodie Goodie" hiding?
(a) That she killed another student.
(b) That she is doing drugs.
(c) That she is pregnant.
(d) That she is a closet drinker.

14. Why does Zlata believe it is so important for the Freedom Writers to overcome their circumstances?
(a) Otherwise, history repeats with their children.
(b) Otherwise, they do not live to thirty years of age.
(c) Otherwise, they never go to college.
(d) Otherwise, they do not graduate from high school.

15. What are the students inspired to do after reading the diaries?
(a) Quit school.
(b) Write a screenplay.
(c) Write their own diaries.
(d) Talk to their parents about improving their lives.

Short Answer Questions

1. After reading Romeo and Juliet, why does a student realize she is not as in love with her boyfriend as she thinks she is?

2. Who goes with Zlata to meet the students?

3. What amazes a student about the bathrooms at the Century City Marriott?

4. What is so special about the buses students rode in with Zlata and Mirna?

5. What happens to a student when she runs away with her boyfriend?

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