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Freedom Writers
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Lesson 1 (from Foreword)



The foreword to the book, The Freedom Writers Diary, is written by Zlata Filipovic. Zlata writes a diary of her own about her experiences in Bosnia. The objective of this lesson is to learn about Zlata's diary.


1) Research: Research the Bosnian War. Why did the war start? Who fought against whom? Where is Bosnia located? When was the war fought?

2) Class Discussion: Why did Zlata begin writing a diary? Who else did Zlata know that is writing a diary? Why was Zlata's childhood cut short? Why did Zlata's diary become more than a place to record daily events? How did the diary become a friend? What types of things did she begin writing in her diary?

3) Partner Discussion: Discuss why Zlata's diary changed. How did the war change Zlata? How did the war change the way that Zlata wrote in her diary? How was...

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