The Freedom Writers Diary Character Descriptions

Freedom Writers
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Erin Gruwell

This individual is a first-year English teacher who is given the tough, unteachable students.

The Freedom Writers

This is a group of at-risk students, who have troubled home backgrounds.

Zlata Filipovic

This author's diary chronicled the Bosnian war.

Anne Frank

This author's diary chronicled life hiding in an attic during World War II.

Miep Gies

This person finds a diary that is about life spent hiding during the Holocaust.

Gerda Seifer

This person is the first Holocaust survivor to speak with the high school students in the story.


A caricature of this student prompts the teacher to mention that this drawing is the type of propaganda used by the Nazis during the Holocaust.

John Tu

This wealthy person helps fund many of the students' activities.

Peter Maass

This person is a journalist who writes an articles about the Bosnia war.

Jopie and Hanneli (Lies)


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