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Freedom Writers
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• The foreward is written by Zlata Filipovic who wrote a diary about her life as a child and teenager during the Bosnian War.

• Filipovic urges the Freedom Writers to continue to write, create, and fight stereotypes.

• She compares her life in Bosnia to the everyday lives of the Freedom Writers.

• Filipovic congratulates the students for breaking the cycle of violence in their lives.

• She congratulates Erin Gruwell, their teacher, for making a difference in the students' lives.
• Filipovic did not, at first, see the parallels between her experiences and the lives of the Freedom Writers.

• Filipovic is a major inspiration to the students on an intellectual and emotional level.

Chapter 1, Freshman Year - Fall 1994

• Erin Gruwell explains how she comes to Wilson High School in Long Beach, California, as a student teacher.

• A caricature of one of the students and the class's ignorance of the holocaust causes...

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