The Door in the Wall Short Essay - Answer Key

Marguerite De Angeli
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1. Explain what happened to Robin that makes him require assistance.

Robin has been stricken with an unnamed disease, although the symptoms seem to be similar to polio. As a result, Robin is unable to move his legs and, therefore, is unable to walk or fend for himself.

2. Describe Robin’s actions, in relation to Ellen, at the beginning of the novel.

Robin is not particularly nice to Ellen. He seems to take his frustrations out on her, even though she is merely trying to take care of him. Robin is selfish, and throws porridge on her. Ellen’s reaction, to leave him alone, seems harsh, but is explained later when Luke reveals she actually has the plague.

3. Where are Robin’s mother and father in Section 1?

Robin’s father is a knight and is with the King, fighting the Scottish war. Robin’s mother is attending to the Queen as one of her aids, as the Queen is very ill.

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