The Door in the Wall Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Marguerite De Angeli
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Section 1, pg 7 - 17

• Robin, the son of a nobleman, is to work for a knight, Sir Peter, when his father is sent to war, but Robin is instead stricken with disease.

• Robin’s mother is sent to care for the Queen, leaving him, legs paralyzed, in the care of Dame Ellen.

• When Ellen quits because she has taken ill with plague, Robin is taken by Brother Luke to St. Mark’s, where he is to be cared for.

• Brother Luke assures Robin that ‘there is always a door in the wall.’

Section 2, pg 18 - 25

• Brother Luke cares for Robin until he is stronger, and then gently presses him to do more, such as sit up, and whittle.

• Robin is proud of himself when he finishes making a boat, and he is soon making a cross.

• Brother Luke urges Robin to learn patience and quality workmanship.

• Robin is ashamed...

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