The Dinner Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Herman Koch
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"Apertif," Chapters 1-7 - "Appetizer," Chapters 8-11

• The following version of the novel was used to create this Lesson Plan: Koch, Herman. The Dinner. Translated by Sam Garret. Hogarth, 2016.

•The Dinner is narrated from the first-person perspective of Paul Lohman and takes place over the course of a dinner between Lohman, his wife Claire, his brother Serge, and Serge’s wife Babette.

• The narrative is interspersed with several flashbacks to prior events and the overall story is related in the past tense.

• Paul Lohman was a former history teacher living in Holland. He and his wife Claire were meeting Paul’s brother Serge and his wife for dinner at a local upscale restaurant.

• The restaurant was very popular and always booked well in advance, but Serge was able to book a table on short notice because he was a candidate for Prime Minister in the upcoming election and...

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