Objects & Places from The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower

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Object Descriptions

The Dark Tower - This is the final destination of Roland Deschain's quest.

The Rose - This is the symbol of the Dark Tower on Keystone Earth. The Tet Corporation purchases the empty lot where it grows to protect it.

The Beams - These hold up the Dark Tower.

Mid-World - This is the world where Roland comes from. It is a pivotal world, much like the Keystone World. It seems to be similar to Earth, but many years after modern technology has been lost and only remnants remain.

Keystone World - This is the main or true world. There are many worlds, but events which happen here are pivotal to the saving or wrecking of the Tower.

Maine - This is the home state of Stephen King, and is visited by Roland Deschain, Eddie Dean, and Jake Chambers throughout the course of the novel.

Turtle Maturin...

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