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Richard T. LeGates
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part I: The Evolution of Cities.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What examples of cities and civilizations from the Stone era does V. Gordon Childe describe in "The Urban Revolution"?
(a) Egypt, Sudan, and Ireland.
(b) India, Ireland, and Chile.
(c) Egypt, Sumner, and India.
(d) Scotland, Iran, and Sudan.

2. Who does LeGate write developed a "broken window" theory and community policing ideas in "How to Study Cities"?
(a) George L. Kelling and William Julius Wilson.
(b) Michael Porter and William Julius Wilson.
(c) James Q. Wilson and George L. Kelling.
(d) Michael Porter and James Q. Wilson.

3. Who was the author of "The Polis"?
(a) Ibn Battuta.
(b) Henri Pirenne.
(c) Marco Polo.
(d) H.D.F. Kitto.

4. When was Friedrich Engels born?
(a) 1814.
(b) 1822.
(c) 1818.
(d) 1820.

5. What does LeGates write "have their advantage that they are based on consistent methods for acquiring knowledge and a more or less agreed upon body of knowledge"?
(a) Scientific laws.
(b) Theories.
(c) Degrees.
(d) Disciplines.

Short Answer Questions

1. The editors write in the Introduction from the Editors that their students have asked for the past how many years what the best writings in urban development are?

2. What city is described with the Church initially a factor in its boundaries, though later Charlemagne grew the empire in "City Origins" and "Cities and European Civilization"?

3. At what institution is Richard LeGates a Professor of Urban Studies?

4. When was "The Urban Revolution" first published?

5. Richard LeGates points out that colleges and universities today have a tendency to do what to knowledge, according to "How to Study Cities"?

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