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Richard T. LeGates
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part III: Urban Society and Culture.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What civilization's community was more geographically centered, and citizens were expected to contribute to the justice system, seeing it as their community duty according to the author of "The Polis"?
(a) Roman.
(b) Italian.
(c) Ottoman.
(d) Greek.

2. Urban economists tend to study the economics of cities using what kind of methods, according to LeGate in "How to Study Cities"?
(a) Quantitative.
(b) Industrial.
(c) Political.
(d) Qualitative.

3. What kind of academic programs are referred to as those which bring the expertise of specialists from multiple disciplines together?
(a) Doctorate programs.
(b) Interdisciplinary programs.
(c) Combidisciplinary programs.
(d) Megadisciplinary programs.

4. When was "Choosing a Future" first published?
(a) 1984.
(b) 1977.
(c) 1979.
(d) 1983.

5. Whose "thoughtful prescriptions for urban poverty" are discussed by LeGate in "How to Study Cities"?
(a) John Forester's.
(b) Lewis Mumford.
(c) Larry S. Bourne.
(d) Michael Porter's.

Short Answer Questions

1. When was "What is a City?" first published?

2. What urban designer and his students conducted surveys of residents of Boston and other cities to understand how they perceived the city environment?

3. Who introduces urban history in the article "New Perspectives on American History"?

4. Who wrote "Kinship and Community" and "Keeping Themselves to Themselves"?

5. What conquistador wrote an eyewitness account of the conquest of Mexico by the Spaniards under Hernán Cortés?

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