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Richard T. LeGates
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• In Richard LeGates' Editor's Introduction, he writes that The City Reader contains fifty-three selections from writers past and present in contributing to our understanding of cities.

• Professor LeGates points out that colleges and universities today compartmentalize knowledge whereas the lines which blur different departments regarding cities can be fuzzy.
• Professor LeGates questions the attributes and detriments to interdisciplinary programs in universities in understanding and studying history.

• "How to Study Cities" provides some background on the evolution of scholarship on cities from the first half of the twentieth century, the nineteenth century, and before.
• In Kingsley Davis's "The Urbanization of the Human Population" (1965), Davis writes that the history of the world is in fact the history of urbanization.

• Davis describes how tiny European settlements grew slowly through the Middle Ages and the early modern period, with urbanization occurring because of rural-urban migration.
• Davis writes that the low production...

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