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Short Answer Questions

1. When they first meet in this novel, where does McAllister speak to Webb?

2. Who is Jiang Yu?

3. How does Webb access the green van at the Shumchun Reservoir?

4. What is written on the note Webb leaves on the Kam-pek casino table?

5. What links the taipan (with whom Webb meets) and Major Lin Wenzu?

Short Essay Questions

1. Do you agree with Marie's thinking that Webb's memories of Burma are healthy?

2. Describe Webb's state of mind when he returns home and finds the ransom note.

3. Discuss Webb's preparations for his trip to Hong Kong.

4. Describe the setting and mood of Chapter 1.

5. What is the "big picture" purpose of the assassination in Chapter 1?

6. Describe McAllister's state of mind when he leaves Webb in Chapter 3, and why is this important?

7. Why is Marie's escape from the hospital successful?

8. Describe the interactions between Catherine Staples and Marie in Chapter 14.

9. What does Webb learn about the city of Macau from various characters in Chapter 13?

10. Why might Webb want to find out about Medusa after his wife first disappears?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Consider the quote, "Nothing endures but change" (Heraclitus). Discuss how this quote applies to this novel considering both the plot and the characters. Cite examples to support your reasoning.

Essay Topic 2

Is it better to trust or be trusted? Develop your response quoting instances from this novel to support your reasons.

Essay Topic 3

Both internal and external conflicts drive this story as Webb seeks his independence from the people controlling him.

Part 1) Describe the internal and external conflicts Webb encounters in this novel.

Part 2) How does Webb attempt to save his independence in this novel?

Part 3) Do you think Webb will every truly be independent? Why or why not.

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