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Short Answer Questions

1. In preparation for his trip to Kowloon, to what location does Webb wire money?

2. What does the calligraphy on the green van read?

3. Which character is at the hospital conversing with the doctor and returns to the room after learning Marie has escaped?

4. While in Conklin's apartment, what do Conklin and Webb work on together?

5. What does Panov suggest to help calm Webb after Webb has interrogated several agents?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Webb's state of mind at the end of Chapter 7.

2. Why might Webb want to find out about Medusa after his wife first disappears?

3. Describe David Webb's distrust of the U.S. government.

4. How does Webb use his skills to "arrange" a meeting with the impostor Bourne?

5. What is the "big picture" purpose of the assassination in Chapter 1?

6. Do you agree with Marie's thinking that Webb's memories of Burma are healthy?

7. What do Webb's actions in Wu Song's warehouse tell the reader?

8. By the end of Chapter 13, how has Webb's character changed from the beginning of the novel?

9. Describe McAllister's state of mind when he leaves Webb in Chapter 3, and why is this important?

10. Why is McAllister pleased with Webb's meeting with the supposed taipan, Yao Ming?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Imagery and writing style play a big role in writing suspense novels. Describe examples of imagery you found to be most effective and impressive, and discuss their significance to the novel.

Essay Topic 2

Consider the ways in which communications and technologies have changed in the past 15 years.

Part 1) What role did technology play in this novel?

Part 2) In Webb's life, how did the use of technology affect him and his abilities during his missions?

Part 3) Is technology always a good thing?

Essay Topic 3

Consider the quote, "Nothing endures but change" (Heraclitus). Discuss how this quote applies to this novel considering both the plot and the characters. Cite examples to support your reasoning.

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