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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does it seemingly prove to Marie when Lin reacts to her calling out "Delta" and "Carlos" to distract him from seeing Staples near the parking garage?
(a) The government is trying to help her.
(b) Staples is an unreliable ally.
(c) Lin does not know the true story.
(d) The government is involved.

2. On the night of the great blade, what does the first woman prisoner reveal to the crowd about Sheng before she is executed?
(a) He will gain economic freedom for the poor.
(b) He will force everyone to join his army.
(c) He will remove educational opportunities for the common people.
(d) He will enslave common people if he is in power.

3. Who does Marie contact after she has escaped from Staples' flat and checked into the Empress Hotel?
(a) Conklin.
(b) Havilland.
(c) Webb.
(d) Panov.

4. What disguise does the impostor mimic from the Jackal while in Beijing?
(a) A priest
(b) A businessman.
(c) A peddler.
(d) A shop keeper.

5. How does Webb feel after he and the impostor bail from the plane, land in the New Territories, and secure safe transportation?
(a) Angered.
(b) Excited.
(c) Anxious.
(d) Relaxed.

6. As Webb and Marie watch the sunset on the beach, what does Marie tell Webb he must "thank" Bourne for?
(a) Avenging d'Anjou.
(b) Saving Asia from war.
(c) Rescuing her.
(d) Returning her husband to her.

7. While searching for the men smoking cigarettes in the woods, who does Webb recognize?
(a) The bartender from the Kam-pek casino.
(b) The executioner from the bird sanctuary.
(c) The false prisoner who tried to get information out of d'Anjou.
(d) The man who has been attacking relatives of "Wong."

8. As he drives toward Hong Kong and the Victoria Peak mansion, what does Webb plan to do when he arrives at the mansion?
(a) Kill whoever he can in the house, and then die.
(b) Take as many prisoners as he can to barter for Marie's life.
(c) Kill the man who has forced him to become Bourne.
(d) Rescue Marie and leave Asia forever.

9. Who kills the impostor Bourne in the climactic scene at the mansion?
(a) Webb.
(b) McAllister.
(c) Marie.
(d) Conklin.

10. Why does Marie insist that her husband walk freely over to her right before the couple reunites?
(a) If he walks to her, she will believe it is him.
(b) If he walks to her, he may forget what has happened.
(c) If he walks to her, he will be free.
(d) If he walks to her, she knows he loves her.

11. As Havilland, McAllister, and Conklin agree to try to uncover why Staples was murdered, why does Conklin not want to be briefed?
(a) Fear of a spy.
(b) Fear of a mole.
(c) Fear of a secret agent.
(d) Fear of Bourne.

12. After Staples is murdered outside her flat, what does Conklin order Richards to do?
(a) Locate McAllister.
(b) Secure Marie.
(c) Confront Havilland.
(d) Relocate his position.

13. How did Sheng obtain the file McAllister says will ensure his safety at the meeting in the clearing?
(a) None of the above.
(b) Sheng's men created a fake file to present as the real one.
(c) Havilland is a double agent and turned it over.
(d) One of his men stole it from the Victoria Peak mansion.

14. As he knows Webb is approaching, why is Conklin fearful after he puts Marie and Panov into a taxi?
(a) He knows he can no longer predict Webb's actions.
(b) He knows Webb will never reconnect with Marie.
(c) He knows exactly who Webb wants to kill.
(d) He knows Webb will kill him.

15. What does Staples agree to do after her open talk with Havilland in the Victoria Peak mansion?
(a) Join Havilland's team.
(b) Resign her job.
(c) Bribe Nelson.
(d) Return Marie.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the end of Chapter 30, what "signal" does Conklin see that prompts him to warn Panov to get Marie out of their hiding place immediately?

2. About what does Staples lie when she and Nelson meet at the Monkey Tree?

3. As McAllister sets up the planned meeting between himself and Sheng, what piece of information does McAllister share with Sheng that is intended to protect McAllister during the meeting?

4. What does Havilland hope will be the outcome of Webb's plan to confront Sheng?

5. While they are wasting time at a restaurant between phone calls, what does Webb strictly warn McAllister against saying?

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