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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 2, the United States learns that Sheng is planning something. What is it that Sheng is planning?
(a) U.S. assassinations.
(b) Guerilla warfare.
(c) An economic war.
(d) To invade Germany.

2. Which of the following is not obtained by Webb during his shopping trip?
(a) A white business shirt.
(b) Fishing line.
(c) Hunting knife.
(d) Ice pick.

3. What does Webb encourage Pak-fei to do after their visit with Wu Song?
(a) Take his family on a drive and go out to dinner.
(b) Take his family on a boating trip.
(c) Move his family out of the country.
(d) Get his family to a safe hotel.

4. What is Webb's cover for traveling to Kowloon?
(a) His brother was injured in Paris.
(b) His brother's death in Kowloon.
(c) His mother's death in Rome.
(d) A work-related seminar.

5. After the attack in the cabaret, who do the police discover is one of the victims?
(a) The Vice-Premier of the People's Republic .
(b) The Secretary of the People's Republic.
(c) Prime Minster of the People's Republic.
(d) Third in line to succeed the Chairman.

6. With what does Webb threaten the taipan if he fails to allow Webb to speak with Marie if Webb captures the impostor Bourne?
(a) Webb threatens to expose his government's secret operation.
(b) Webb threatens to turn the impostor Bourne over to the U.S. government.
(c) Webb threatens to kill the impostor Bourne.
(d) Webb threatens to turn the impostor Bourne over to the Hong Kong officials.

7. What does McAllister learn from Lin about Marie's physical status?
(a) Marie is suffering from seizures and memory lapses.
(b) Marie is having panic attacks.
(c) Marie is in a coma.
(d) Marie is being aggressive toward her captors.

8. Using his expertise, what does Webb examine at the end of Chapter 5?
(a) The ransom note and gun.
(b) The bloody door and gun.
(c) The bloody door and ransom note.
(d) The gun and the bedroom.

9. During the gunfire, Webb overcomes the impostor Bourne. Who does the man identify himself as?
(a) Delta.
(b) Philippe d'Anjou.
(c) Edward McAllister.
(d) Jason Bourne.

10. What surprises McAllister in Chapter 2?
(a) Meeting Jason Bourne.
(b) The helicopter used to transport him.
(c) The high level of security in the building.
(d) Learning David Webb is involved.

11. While at the football game, what does Marie suggest Webb do?
(a) Return home to grade papers.
(b) Watch the football game.
(c) Call Panov.
(d) Call McAllister.

12. Who does the assassin responsible for the deaths in the cabaret turn out to be?
(a) A psychiatric escapee.
(b) A copy cat killer.
(c) Jason Bourne's nemesis.
(d) A planted impostor.

13. In what type of location is the meeting with Wu Song held?
(a) An office building.
(b) A warehouse.
(c) An old prison.
(d) A penthouse suite.

14. Which statement best describes Webb's limo driver?
(a) Energetic and elderly.
(b) Tired and middle-aged.
(c) Young and talkative.
(d) Solemn and somewhat belligerent.

15. During what time of day does the opening setting of the novel take place?
(a) Midnight.
(b) Late evening.
(c) Sundown.
(d) Daybreak.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Webb receives Marie's note after his run how does he react?

2. While in his office in Chapter 3, what does Webb experience?

3. What body of water does the assassin cross to arrive at the cabaret?

4. How do McAllister and the doctor plan to locate Marie after she escapes from the hospital?

5. What does the calligraphy on the green van read?

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