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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Webb access the green van at the Shumchun Reservoir?
(a) He pretends to hijack it and takes the driver's gun.
(b) He pretends it hits him and overcomes the driver, taking his gun.
(c) He storms the van with gunfire.
(d) He sneaks in when the driver is distracted and takes the driver's gun.

2. Where does Marie stay while Staples is investigating McAllister's story in Chapter 15?
(a) Staples' office.
(b) A warehouse.
(c) A hotel room.
(d) Staples' flat.

3. To where does the cabaret assassin flee?
(a) Germany.
(b) Asia.
(c) Russia.
(d) Egypt.

4. After Marie escapes from the hospital, what mistake does McAllister make that he tells the doctor and Lin to immediately forget?
(a) McAllister mentions Marie's illness.
(b) McAllister mentions Havilland's name.
(c) McAllister mentions the impostor Bourne's location.
(d) McAllister mentions Webb's position.

5. What is odd about the assassin's interaction with the cabaret's manager?
(a) He mentions the taipan whom he is there to see.
(b) He ignores the manager and brushes past him.
(c) He starts a fire in the cabaret.
(d) He orders an extra drink.

6. In Chapter 2, the United States learns that Sheng is planning something. What is it that Sheng is planning?
(a) To invade Germany.
(b) Guerilla warfare.
(c) An economic war.
(d) U.S. assassinations.

7. What does Webb try to prevent Assistant Hotel Manager Liang from doing?
(a) Reporting him to the officials.
(b) Leaving the hotel.
(c) Moving his room assignment.
(d) Making a phone call.

8. What important information does Webb obtain from the man who tries to trap him on the Star Ferry?
(a) The impostor Bourne is on the Star Ferry.
(b) None of the above.
(c) The impostor Bourne works out of Macau.
(d) The impostor Bourne is tailing Webb.

9. Where does Webb meet the third contact in Chapter 13?
(a) Repulse Bay.
(b) Macau.
(c) Pennsylvania Hotel.
(d) Kam-Pek's casino.

10. With what does Webb threaten the taipan if he fails to allow Webb to speak with Marie if Webb captures the impostor Bourne?
(a) Webb threatens to turn the impostor Bourne over to the U.S. government.
(b) Webb threatens to turn the impostor Bourne over to the Hong Kong officials.
(c) Webb threatens to expose his government's secret operation.
(d) Webb threatens to kill the impostor Bourne.

11. During the gunfire, Webb overcomes the impostor Bourne. Who does the man identify himself as?
(a) Edward McAllister.
(b) Philippe d'Anjou.
(c) Jason Bourne.
(d) Delta.

12. What does Marie recall about what Bourne says about studying things?
(a) Bourne says that if you study the details, you may get confused.
(b) Bourne says that if you study people, you will learn about their reactions.
(c) Bourne says that if you study things, you will find something you can use.
(d) Bourne says that if you study too hard, you will miss the bigger picture.

13. What does Conklin tell the Chief of Internal Security as part of his and Webb's plan?
(a) He has spoken with Marie.
(b) He has spoken with David Webb.
(c) He has teamed up with Edward McAllister.
(d) He has rescued Marie.

14. While in his office in Chapter 3, what does Webb experience?
(a) An anxiety attack.
(b) A flashback.
(c) A heart attack.
(d) A split in his personality.

15. To what does the term Zhongguo ren refer?
(a) A citizen.
(b) A bodyguard.
(c) A prime minister.
(d) A priest.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does McAllister feel when he leaves Webb following their discussion?

2. To serve as a distraction in the cabaret, what action does one customer take?

3. What does Jiang Yu say to Webb while at the French restaurant that causes Webb to freeze?

4. What does Bourne recall as he anticipates attacking the men at the campfire?

5. What does Bourne notice is strange about the guard near the campfire who is watching the woods?

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