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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1)


Chapter 1

In this chapter, the reader is introduced to Florence Green who lives in Hardborough, a town in Suffolk. Florence is struggling with a decision about buying the Old House and opening a book shop there. This lesson is about Florence making an informed decision on opening a bookshop.


1) Class Discussion: Florence Green is about to make a major decision that affects her finances and, ultimately, her lifestyle. What factors should Florence consider before making this decision? To whom does Florence go for financial help and advice? How much weight should Florence give this professional's advice?

2) Pros/Cons of Decision: Divide a ruled sheet of paper into two columns. Label one column PRO. Label the other column CON. List factors that Florence must consider in each column. Which column contains the most entries?

3) Stereotyping: Discuss stereotyping with the class. Does stereotyping hinder making an informed...

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