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Chapter 1

• Florence Green, a citizen of Hardborough in Suffolk, considers using an inheritance to open a bookshop.
• A heron and an eel are fighting in mid-air. Florence sees this as an analogy to her business decision about the bookshop.
• Mr. Keble, the bank's manager, tries to discourage Florence's plans when she applies for a loan.

• Mr. Raven gives Florence and her bookshop a ray of hope at the end of the chapter as she helps him with a horse.

Chapter 2

• Florence prepares to move into the Old House, which is currently the home to a "poltergeist."
• Florence attends a social party given by General and Violet Gamart in a red gown.
• Hardborough's other residents realize Florence may not be quite as intellectual as they had thought at first.

Chapter 3

• Florence encounters Mr. Deben at the kissing-gate who tells her that he has heard of her plans to leave...

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