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Okakura Kakuzō
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through The Schools of Tea.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Japanese under ______________________in the second half of the 19th century were pursuing efforts to modernize.
(a) Emperor Meiji.
(b) Emperor Jimmu.
(c) Emperor Itoku.
(d) Emperor Suizei.

2. Okakura again emphasizes that tea can do what for a culture?
(a) Alter it.
(b) Confuse it.
(c) Speak volumes about it.
(d) Destroy it.

3. What is this book considered?
(a) The Tea Bible.
(b) The Text of Tea.
(c) The Secrets of Tea.
(d) The Code of Tea.

4. Have Westerners embraced tea fully?
(a) Yes, as a beverage.
(b) Yes, as a beverage and a social event.
(c) No, not fully.
(d) No, not at all.

5. What has been beneficial to this "religion of aestheticism?"
(a) Japan's isolation.
(b) Japan's Buddhist beliefs.
(c) Japan's influence on the continent.
(d) Japan's connection with China.

Short Answer Questions

1. Lu Wu could be considered what?

2. Okakura could be brilliant but also ________________; visionary but suffering from cultural myopia, arrogant and pedantic but sentimental.

3. The West may never truly _______________ the East.

4. For what was tea praised?

5. Okakura worked to make the Boston Museum a world-famous repository of what?

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