The Book of Tea Fun Activities

Okakura Kakuzō
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Learning Japanese

Bring in a guest instructor to give an introductory lesson in Japanese.

Japanese Cuisine

Take a field trip to a Japanese restaurant to learn about and try Japanese cuisine.

Japanese Culture

Choose an aspect of Japanese culture to research. Present your findings to the class in a ten-minute presentation.

History of Japan

Research a period of Japanese history. How did the events during this period come about? What connection did this period make between the previous period and the next period of history? How have events during this period affected modern-day Japan? Write a one-page paper in response.

Asian Art

Take a field trip to an art museum to study Asian art. Upon returning to school, create a work of art in a style of your choice that reflects the art you saw in the museum.

Asian Music

Listen to examples of Asian music. What can...

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