The Book of Tea Character Descriptions

Okakura Kakuzō
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Kakuzo Okakura

xx yyThis character is a career academician and has worked to preserve Japanese artwork and heritage and shares his knowledge of the Asiatic cultures with Westerners. He founded the Japanese Art Institute to preserve Japanese art and culture, and later became a curator at the Boston Museum of Fine Art.

The Tea-Master

The tea ceremony has a particular focus on the individual. This character is the auteur of the ceremony--he plans it, brews the tea, and gives the ceremony its meaning and artistic expression.

Ernest Fenollosa

Kakuzo Okakura met this character at the Tokyo Imperial University. A Westerner interested in the preservation of Japanese culture, this character exerted a lasting influence on young Okakura.

Lu Wu

This character was a poet. He helped codify the tea ceremony through his Code of Tea, or Ch'a Ching.

Lao Tzu

This character is the acknowledged founder of Taoism. The...

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