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Okakura Kakuzō
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• A historical background is established, including the pressure to modernize Japan and how it affected the people and culture of Japan.

• Many people wanted to preserve Japanese culture, one of these people is the author of THE BOOK OF TEA, Kakuzo Okakura.

• Okakura was born in 1862 and was intelligent and well-educated.

• He studied under Ernest Fenollosa who was instrumental in halting Westernization in Japan and preserving parts of the old culture.
• Fenollosa and Okakura went around Asia, finding art and other objects to preserve; in 1890 the two split, perhaps due to strong egos in both men, and the fact that Okakura was outdoing his master.

• Fenollosa left to curate the Boston Museum, and, in 1898, Okakura resigned his official post in a state institution to found the Japanese Art Institution, dedicating to preserving the Asiatic way of life.
• Okakura went to America with many paintings to sell to...

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