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The Book

This is the focus of the novel. Written by David Crimond, it outlines his vision of political and social revolution.

The Tower

This is the property owned by Duncan and Jean Cambus and located in the county of Warwick in Ireland.

Jenkin's House

This is a small terraced home in London where Gerard and Tamar often visit.

Staffordshire Dogs

These are porcelain dogs owned by Jenkin.


This is the name of Gerard's childhood pet.

College Scarf

This is an old scarf belonging to Gerard and given to Tamar Hernshaw as a talisman.


This is the familial estate owned by Rose Curtland.


This is the village near Boyars.

The Pike

This is the pub in Foxpath.

The Parish Church

Father McAlister is the pastor of this church, which Rose and her friends attend.

The Stones

Rose owns a special collection of these. She gives...

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