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Part 1 (through page 51)

• The novel begins at a midsummer's ball at Oxford University.

• A group of friends calling themselves a brotherhood have gathered togethered to finance their friend David Crimmond.
• The brotherhood sees Crimond as the only member of the group capable of writing the sort of book that communicate their Marxist ideals.

• Years go by and the group still finance Crimond. However, there is no sign of the book.
• The group attend a reunion and are surprised to see Crimond there as well.

• The group suspect Crimond has come to the ball to break up Jean and Duncan's marriage.

Part 1 (through page 101)

• After the reunion, Jean tells Duncan she is leaving him for Crimond. Duncan tries to change her mind, but she says she is love with Crimond and there is nothing anyone can tell her to change her mind.

• Crimond begins writing his book. He has...

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