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Johanna Michaelsen
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Short Answer Questions

1. What of the author's shift in this section?

2. What has Johanna removed from her life as New Foundation ends?

3. How did another well known author feel about Hermanito/ Pachtia?

4. Where does Kim suggest Johanna go visit while on her journey through Europe?

5. By the end of the chapter, what is she solely focusing on?

Short Essay Questions

1. Upon returning to the United States, what groups does Johanna begin to join?

2. As the book closes, what does the author ultimately claim to know?

3. What are demons particularly happy to offer to humans?

4. What triggers Johanna into her feeling of uncertainty about the Mind Control group?

5. According to Johanna, why is it so easy for many people to be misled by occultism.

6. What does the author believe is a sign of the End of Times?

7. While operating on Johanna's friend, David, what happens to Hermanito?

8. Is Johanna the only person who believes there is evil lurking in Hermanito's work?

9. What makes Pachita's healing amazing to the people that witness them?

10. How can the inner witness be infallible?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

It seems as though it is very difficult for Johanna to become close to men. Finally, after meeting her husband, she finds peace in a relationship. Describe her relationships with the following men below:

Her father




Essay Topic 2

A theme of deception and disguise has a very powerful presence throughout the book. Choose two of the characters below and describe how they successfully or unsuccessfully mask their true selves.





Dr. Carlos

Essay Topic 3

1. Compare the characters of Damon and Beck.

2. How are they similar and different from one another?

3. Why do you think the author chose to use pseudonyms for both characters?

4. Explain the term literary "foil." How does the author establish Damon and Beck to be foils for one another?

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