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Johanna Michaelsen
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the author feel that modern day Christian preachers and theologians treat life and teaching?
(a) They do not listen to God.
(b) They are too self righteous in their teachings.
(c) She thinks they downplay the wonderous nature of Jesus.
(d) They care too much for their own advice.

2. Why is the very last section called "The Means of Freedom?"
(a) It lists ways to gain money and freedom.
(b) Money is freedom.
(c) Because Johanna gives ways for people to be free of the occult.
(d) The occult lifestyle is not lucrative.

3. What operations does she witness?
(a) Medically impossible surgeries.
(b) Brain replacements.
(c) Leg transfers.
(d) Eye replacements.

4. Are many of the author's points absolute?
(a) No, only the Pope is absolute.
(b) In her opinion, yes.
(c) No, only God is absolute.
(d) Yes.

5. What does the author allow her parents to participate in?
(a) Some of Pachita's operations.
(b) Her life with her husband.
(c) Spells and rituals.
(d) Her school plays.

Short Answer Questions

1. What has happened in the first 14 chapters?

2. Does Johanna ever see Pachita again after visiting Europe?

3. Where does the story pick back up in Chapter 10?

4. During her travels abroad, what does Johanna frequently experience?

5. What does Shelia insist that Johanna read?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the tone shift in this section of the novel?

2. While operating on Johanna's friend, David, what happens to Hermanito?

3. What happens to many Christian and community leaders?

4. What does the author believe is a sign of the End of Times?

5. What triggers Johanna into her feeling of uncertainty about the Mind Control group?

6. As the book closes, what does the author ultimately claim to know?

7. What is the "inner witness" that the author present to the reader?

8. How did Pachita and Hermanito first come together into their practice?

9. What must all people study according to Johanna?

10. According to Johanna, why is it so easy for many people to be misled by occultism.

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