Objects & Places from The Beautiful Side of Evil

Johanna Michaelsen
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Mexico - This is the author's home country. Its rich and complicated spiritual history serving as a colorful backdrop for the author's questing encounters with both God and Satan.

The Author's Home - The is where the author's family lived and is the setting for many important confrontations between the author and her family, between the author and her beliefs, and between the author and what she refers to as the demons that seem determined to influence those beliefs.

Pachita's Home - This is where Pachita and Hermanito perform their operations. The author describes it as dirty, cluttered, crowded, and essentially unsanitary, an unlikely setting for the miracles that apparently take place there.

The Statuette of Cuauhtemoc - This object stands alongside a statuette of Jesus at Pachita's house.

Wesleyan College - This is where the author discovers her interest in theater and it is here that...

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